ATRO Polyurethane Torque Rods

ATRO Polyurethane Torque Rods are designed with uptime in mind. ATRO's unique rotating bushing allows the inner pins to rotate 360° which eliminates bushing wind up- the leading cause of bushing failure.

Polyurethane is impervious against oil, grease, brine, cleaning solvents, hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel allowing 3-5x longer life than it's rubber counterparts.

With ATRO behind you, drive forward.

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One Torque Rod Works Around the Clock

ATRO's Rotating Pin

  • Allows 360° of movement, allowing one torque rod to fit any clocking angle, reducing inventory
  • Faster, easier installation
  • Eliminates Bushing Wind Up
  • Reduces stress on the entire suspension
  • Longer Life = Less Downtown

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ATRO Engineered Systems
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St. Clair, MO 63077 USA

 Phone: (800) 325-6114
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Warranty Information

The ATRO Warranty

We're so confident in the engineering, design, and quality of our products, that we back almost all of them with the industry's best warranty.

Three Years.


The ATRO Warranty

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