Eaton Genuine Clutches

Genuine Clutches

  • Eaton is a leading worldwide supplier of medium and heavy-duty clutches to the commercial vehicle industry. Our clutches are unmatched in terms of reliability, durability, and performance, and are the best value on the market today.

Advantage Series

  • Original Equipment (OE) clutch which delivers more protection with less maintenance, and offers maximum uptime and performance. Available in both self-adjust and manual adjust models.

EverTough Series

  • The reliability and durability of genuine Eaton components for longer life, trouble-free operation, and less downtime for your truck. Available in self-adjust and manual adjust models. 

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Product Highlights

100% Genuine Eaton components

A range of clutch models for every truck, no matter the life stage

Register for a one year warranty extension when you bundle an Eaton Advantage Series or EverTough clutch with an Eaton Installation Kit

Top Movers - Genuine Clutches

Part #Part DescriptionType
SP 309701 82CLUTCH-ADVANTAGE SELFADJUST 15.5 1700LBSAdvantage Self-Adjust
SP 308925 82CLUTCH-EASYPEDAL ADVANTAGE 15.5 1700 LBSEasy Pedal Advantage® Manual Adjust
SP 122002 35ACLUTCH-INSTALLATION 2.000-14 SPLINE ECAHeavy-duty ECA Clutch and LCIB
SP 308925 25CLUTCH-EASYPEDAL ADVANTAGE 15.5 2050 LBSEasy Pedal Advantage® Manual Adjust
SP 308925 20CLUTCH-EASYPEDAL ADVANTAGE 15.5 1860 LBSEasy Pedal Advantage® Manual Adjust
SP 108925 82AMCLUTCH; 7 SPR, 1700 FT LB, 15.5 INEverTough Manual Adjust
SP 107237 10CLTCH 1.75IN 10 SPL 2 DISC14IN 860LB/FTManual Adjust (new) MD Standard Stroke SAS
SP 309701 20CLUTCH-ADVANTAGE SELFADJUST 15.5 1860LBSAdvantage Self-Adjust
SP 109500 22CLUTCH, 1.75IN 10SPL 14IN 860FT/LB SOLOSolo (new) MD Standard Stroke SAS
SP 309701 24CLUTCH-ADVANTAGE SELFADJUST 15.5 1750LBSAdvantage Self-Adjust
SP 121000 1SP-SOLO DM2 7SP 1700Heavy-duty DM Clutch
SP 109700 82MOCLTCH 2IN 10 SPLNE 15.5IN 1700 FT/LB RMNReman Solo® Self-Adjust

General Product Information

Vibrations destroy drivetrains, and the clutch is the main defense against vibrations in your driveline. In fact, ninety percent of a clutch’s work cycle is spent dampening these vibrations from the engine to the drivetrain. Eaton engineers work with engine and vehicle manufacturers to design clutches that provide the best protection for high-value drivetrain components. Our proprietary disc facing compounds reduce facing wear, extend clutch life, and deliver the smoothest engagement and highest coefficient of friction in the industry. In addition, our torque and thermal management systems improve performance and reduce linkage noise and wear, while our pre-damper technology reduces idle rattle noise.


Warranty Information


Eaton standard clutch warranty:

Eaton Advantage Series: 2 Year / Unlimited Miles

Eaton EverTough: 1 Year / Unlimited Miles

Eaton Remanufactured: 1 Year / Unlimited Miles


Extended warranty options:

Eaton Clutch + Clutch Installation Kit = Additional 1-Year Clutch Warranty


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