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Alliance NOx Sensors provide a coreless, cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. Each sensor is closely inspected and tested to ensure proper functionality, and is individually calibrated by OES for assurance of accuracy. All materials meet strict OE specification.

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Alliance PartDescriptionReman PartGenuine PartEmissionsInlet/Outlet
ABP G01 A0101531928ABP NOX SENSOR, INLETDDE RA0101531928DDE EA0101531928GHG17Inlet
ABP G01 A0101532228ABP NOX SENSOR GEN 2.8 INLETDDE RA0101532228DDE EA0101532228GHG14Inlet
ABP G01 A0101532328ABP NOX SENSOR GEN 2.8DDE RA0101532328DDE EA0101532328GHG14Outlet
ABP G01 A0101538128ABP NOX SENSOR, OUTLETDDE RA0101538128DDE EA0101538128GHG17Outlet
ABP G01 A0111531728ABP NOX SENSORDDE RA0111531728DDE EA0111531728GHG17Outlet
ABP G01 A0111531628ABP NOX SENSORDDE RA0111531628DDE EA0111531628GHG17Inlet
ABP G01 A0111532828ABP NOX SENSOR 12V GEN 2.8DDE RA0111532828DDE EA0111532828GHG17Inlet
ABP G01 A0101531828ABP NOX SENSOR-INLET 2HHDDE RA0101531828DDE EA0101531828GHG17Inlet
ABP G01 A0101532028ABP NOX SENSOR-OUTLETDDE RA0101532028DDE EA0101532028GHG17Outlet
ABP G01 A0101536928ABP NOX SENSOR MY16-OUTLETDDE RA0101536928DDE EA0101536928GHG17Outlet
ABP G01 A0101532128ABP NOX SENSOR-INLET 2HHDDE RA0101532128DDE EA0101532128GHG14Inlet

Product Highlights

Compatibility:  All sensors operate with OE software, ensuring full compatibility with controllers and diagnostic compliance

Quality:  Production facility is ISO9001 certified

Coreless:  Alliance NOx Sensors are a coreless option

Calibration:  All sensors individually calibrated by OES for assurance of accuracy

Inspection:  Every sensor is closely inspected and tested to ensure proper functionality

Availability:  This product is not permitted for sale in the state of California

Warranty Information

Alliance 1 year warranty

Last updated: Wednesday, 24 April 2024 08:39 PM

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