The benefits of quality lubricants and axle oils include improving component life, reducing vehicle downtime, increasing oil drain intervals and preserving the engine’s cleanliness. All of these things are costs fleet businesses and owner operators have to deal with and these costs can be reduced with the right lubricant and lubrication practices.

Shell's LubeCoachAcademy features a library of online training modules that cover the following topics:

  • Lubricants and Application
  • Maintenance
  • Safety 
  • Leadership

Each module takes approximately 4-6 minutes to complete. 


Product Highlights

Shell Rotella T4 Triple Protection 15W-40 Conventional Benefits

- Exceptional wear protection – 50% more wear protection than the CK-4 limit
- Enhanced deposit protection/cleanliness
- Resists oxidation up to 50% longer than the previous generation of Shell Rotella® T Triple Protection
- Extended drain capable*
- Enhanced shear stability performance

*Always follow OEM recommendation and utilize used oil analysis when extending drains.

Shell Rotella T5 10W-30 Synthetic Blend Benefits

- Extended drain capable*
- Delivers fuel economy savings of up to 2%**
- Enhanced Engine Cleanliness
- Exceptional wear protection
- Delivers 44% better wear protection than the maximum CK-4 wear requirements
- Strong extreme high and low temperature protection

*Follow OEM recommendation and utilize used oil analysis when extending drains

**In Class 8 trucks as compared to conventional 15W-40 engine oil

Shell Rotella Extended Life Coolant Nitrite Free Benefits

- Outstanding Heat Transfer – Superior heat transfer to conventional coolants
- Extended Life Capability – Up to 1,000,000 km or 12,000 hours in commercial applications or 250,000 km or 6 years in passenger cars and light trucks
- Compatibility with Other Coolants – Miscible and compatible with other extended life AFC
- No SCA or Extender Use Required for the life of the coolant
- Excellent Cavitation (Pitting) Protection – excellent protection against cavitation related damage on cylinder liners
- Excellent Corrosion Protection – corrosion protection of aluminum, brass, copper, iron, solder, and steel

Shell Gadus S3 V220C Features and Benefits

- Up to 25% better corrosion protection than the average performance of two competitors' greases in the same tier
- EP proection for bearings as it passes the four-ball weld load test at 315 kg, which exceeds the 250 kg minimum weld load that a grease must pass to be classified as having good load-carrying properties (ISO 6743-9)
- Provides over 100 hours of bearing life during severe 140 degrees Celcius testing
- Up to 30% better mechanical stability after 100,000 work strokes than the average three competitors' greases in the same tier


Many customers benefit from using the product by:
- increasing system efficiency by running equipment at elevated temperatures for longer
- reducing maintenance and product consumption
- simplifying lubricant maintenance practices by using the same versatile grease for a range of applications

Shell Spirax S6 GME 40 Benefits

- Improved fuel efficiency, up to 1.5%*
- Exceptional wear, pitting and corrosion protection for long transmission life
- Long oil-drain interval for low maintenance costs
- All-climate, year-round performance with excellent low temperature flow, corrosion resistance, and high temperature viscosity retention

Shell Rotella T5 Ultra 10W-30 FA-4 Synthetic Blend Benefits

- Designed for model year 2017 and beyond on-highway engines that allow an API FA-4 oil. Detroit Diesel allows the use of FA-4 engine oil back to model year 2010.*

- Extended drain capable**

- Delivers fuel economy savings of up to 2.6%***

- Formulated to minimize oil consumption

- Demonstrated resistance to breakdown under high temperatures

- Improved low temperature flow***

*Not approved for use in diesel pick-ups

**Follow OEM recommendation and utilize used oil analysis when extending drains

***Compared to conventional 15W-40 engine oil

General Product Information

Shell offers a full range of products designed to extend the life and value of equipment so trucks stay on the road longer with fewer unplanned repairs.

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Warranty Information

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