Bendix Brake Shoes

An Oem supplier focused on quality and compliance for Service New and Remanufactured Brake shoes

Product Highlights

High Quality New Shoe Kit

Hardened Webb ends and Fully Welded Table

E-Coated for corrosion prevention

Available with After Market RSD (BA202R/BA232R) and Bendix advanced/basic frictions

Premium shoe manufactured in an ISO14001 certified Manufacturing facility

Top Movers - Bendix New Coreless Brake Shoes

Part NumberPart DescriptionFMSIFrictionRating
BW BNK1308EBA200New Brake Shoe Kit1308EBA20020K
BW BNK1443EBA200New Brake Shoe Kit1443EBA20020K
BW BNK4515QBA230New Brake Shoe Kit4515QBA23023K
BW BNK4702QBA200New Brake Shoe Kit4702QBA20020K
BW BNK4707QBA200New Brake Shoe Kit4707QBA20020K
BW BNK4707QBA232RNew Brake Shoe Kit4707QBA232R23K
BW BNK4709E2BA200New Brake Shoe Kit4709EBA20020K
BW BNK4709E2BA202RNew Brake Shoe Kit4709EBA202R20K
BW BNK4715QBA200New Brake Shoe Kit4715QBA20020K
BW BNK4719E2BA200New Brake Shoe Kit4719EBA20020K

Bendix Remanufactured Brake Shoes

Part NumberPart DescriptionFMSIFrictionRating
BW KT1308EBA200REMAN Brake Shoe Kit1308EBA20020K
BW KT1443EBA200REMAN Brake Shoe Kit1443EBA20020K
BW KT4515QBA230REMAN Brake Shoe Kit4515QBA23023K
BW KT4702QBA200REMAN Brake Shoe Kit4702QBA20020K
BW KT4707QBA200REMAN Brake Shoe Kit4707QBA20020K
BW KT4707QBA232RREMAN Brake Shoe Kit4707QBA232R23K
BW KT4709E2BA200REMAN Brake Shoe Kit4709EBA20020K
BW KT4709E2BA202RREMAN Brake Shoe Kit4709EBA202R20K
BW KT4715QBA200REMAN Brake Shoe Kit4715QBA20020K
BW KT4719E2BA200REMAN Brake Shoe Kit4719EBA20020K

Features and Benefits

High Quality Remanufactured Shoe Kit

PermaGuard coated for superior Rust Jacking prevention

Available with After Market RSD (BA202R/BA232R) and Bendix advanced/basic frictions

Premium shoe remanufactured in an MERA certified Manufacturing facility

General Product Information

Bendix as an OEM supplier has chosen to Offer premium remanufactured and new shoes to meet your needs.   OEM braking and Safety system expertise has been used to perfect the process to provide the driver with the best safety in braking through reduced braking distances to meet RSD mandate to consistent frictions that wear well without risk to Rust jacking.   Your Tractor had Bendix originally, stay with the best to maintain your as equipped stopping distances and avoid costly liability and out of service issues.


Warranty Information

Backed by a 1-year/unlimited mile nationwide warranty.


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