Haldex Automatic Brake Adjusters

Haldex Original Brake Adjusters and Haldex Self-setting Automatic Brake Adjusters

The Original Clearance Sensing Brake Adjuster

  • With tenure & years of perfecting our craft, we provide the highest levels of efficiency, safety and reliability

Haldex AA1 Automatic Brake Adjusters +

  • Constantly maintains brake lining to drum clearance
  • Completely sealed to prevent corrosion from entering rubber boots
  • Grease fitting makes for easy & smooth new grease application
  • Adjusts on brake release to minimize wear & tear on gears
  • Installation indicator confirms correct installation
  • Heat-treated components reduce internal wear and provide longer service life
  • Compatible with all major brand clevises
  • Chrome-moly gears and a buttress tooth configuration on the gears reduce stress and prolong service life
  • 1,000,000 Mile, 6-year on-highway warranty

Haldex S-ABA Automatic Brake Adjusters

  • Incorporates all AA1 high standard features
  • Centralized clutch and unique self-setting design
  • Visual Stroke Indicator(VSI) options available for installation identification & out-of-stroke condition
  • Allows for control arm to be set at any angle from -16° to 124°

Top Movers

Part NumberAdjuster TypeApplication Information
HDX 40010212AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010211AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010144AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010141AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010143AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010216AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010140AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010155AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40020212S-ABATruck/Trailer
HDX 40020211S-ABATruck/Trailer
HDX 40020243S-ABATruck/Trailer
HDX 40020231S-ABATruck/Trailer
HDX 40020228S-ABATruck/Trailer

Product Information

Haldex's Automatic Brake Adjusters (ABA), where Safety meets Innovation.

Our ABA systems are designed to ensure optimal brake performance and compliance with safety standards, giving you peace of mind on the road. Engineered with precision & high quality materials, our ABAs are built to last, reducing maintenance costs and downtime, while enhancing the overall efficiency of your vehicle's braking system. With Haldex's ABA line, you can trust that your braking will always be in top condition, ready to deliver reliable and consistent performance mile after mile.

Experience the difference with Haldex's Automatic Brake Adjusters – where Safety, Reliability, and Performance converge.

Warranty Information

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