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Automatic Brake Adjusters Product Information

Product Highlights

The original clearance sensing brake adjuster - highest levels of efficiency, safety and reliability

Constantly maintains brake lining to drum clearance

Completely sealed to prevent corrosion from entering rubber boots

Grease fitting to allow for new grease installation

Adjusts on the brake release to minimize wear/tear on gears

No need for templates/orientation for correct installation on axles

Top Movers - Brake Adjusters

Part NumberAdjuster TypeApplication Information
HDX 40010212AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010211AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010144AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010141AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010143AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010216AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010140AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40010155AA1Truck/Trailer
HDX 40020212S-ABATruck/Trailer
HDX 40020211S-ABATruck/Trailer
HDX 40020243S-ABATruck/Trailer
HDX 40020231S-ABATruck/Trailer
HDX 40020228S-ABATruck/Trailer

General Product Information

SAF-Holland and Haldex reps cover both offerings

SAF-Holland and Haldex reps cover both offerings

Warranty Information

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