TraX Wheel End Monitoring System

The SKF TraX Wheel End Monitor (WEM) is a device that will help you to detect damages of truck and trailer wheel bearing (raceway spalling) in an early stage.

The TraX WEM is installed at the outboard side of the truck wheel rim. It monitors vibration and changes to an alert mode when measuring vibration created from raceway spalling. From that point in time the WEM will give a warning signal (red flashing light) after being activated.

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Product Highlights

How you can benefit

The TraX WEM will help you to increase safety and reduce your costs.

  • Avoid unplanned downtime - impending bearing failures will be indicated in advance
  • Increased safety - a significant number of wheel problems will be reduced
  • Reduced cost of ownership -no preventive wheel bearing replacement
  • The most economical retrofittable solution
  • Can be paired with any telematics system

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Top Movers - Trax Wheel end monitor

Paragon PN DescriptionMax Output PowerCable Connector(s)Max Connector Output CurrentCable LengthAdditional Options
DDE A6803400418EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 16FT60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A16.4'None
DDE A6803400518EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 25FT60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A25'None
DDE A6803400818EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 16FT, CCR60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803400918EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 25FT, CCR60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A25'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803401218EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'None
DDE A6803401318EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'None
DDE A6803401618EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT, CCR120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803401718EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT, CCR120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803402018EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'None
DDE A6803402118EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'None
DDE A6803402418EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT, CCR240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803402518EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT, CCR240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'Credit Card Reader

How does it work?

The SKF TraX WEM wirelessly sends the wheel end health updates to an onboard gateway that transmits the data to the driver’s smartphone, the SKF Cloud, or a third party cloud, and on to the fleet’s maintenance location. In the event of detected bearing vibration, notification is typically made thousands of miles before likely service interruption. If TraX WEM detects a thermal event, the sensor will notify the fleet immediately so the driver can be instructed to pull over and avoid catastrophic bearing failure. TraX WEM can function as a standalone, fully configurable application, or can be integrated with any telematics system or service provider.

What is the best wheel end monitor for my truck?

The SKF TraX wheel end monitoring system is a device that will help you to detect damages of truck and trailer wheel bearing (raceway spalling) in an early stage. Check out how SKF took care of every detail to ensure the safety and quality you deserve. SKF guarantees an OE performance and a reliable product so that you simply enjoy the ride.

The next generation in proactive WEM

  • Detects bearing failures well in advance, preventing an unplanned stop
  • Detects extreme heat on the wheel and produces an alert to indicate a potential thermal event
  • Prevents breakdowns and expensive repairs
  • Bearings are not replaced until they reach their end of life, saving unnecessary maintenance
  • Application easily integrates with existing wheel end systems
  • Near-realtime alerts assist in reducing the threat of suffering a wheel-off, increasing traffic safety

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