Loaded Trailer Hub

The fully loaded hub assembly contains a proprietary technology that makes this assembly the lightest and most durable wheel hub in the trailer industry. It also contains our best-in-class CR Scotseal X-Treme wheel seal with advanced heat technology and our own SKF bearing, the bearing asked for by name with OEMS.
Backed by our 5 year on-road warranty, the choice is clear when looking for safety, durability, and reliability, the SKF fully loaded trailer hub assembly.

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Product Highlights

How can you benefit

  • Award-Winning Design: Our hub assembly boasts an award-winning design, ensuring superior performance and quality.
  • Extreme Heat Resistence: Creafted with HNBRX material, our assembly provides extreme heat resistence, enhancing durability and safety.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Reduced friction enhances rolling efficiency, leading to improved fuel economy and reduced emission, benefitting both your bottom and the environment.
  • Industry-Leading Bearings: SKF is the preffered bearing supplier for North American OEM wheel ends, assuring you of the highest qualtiy and reliability.
  • Extended Service Life: With low friction, our assembly offers an extended service life, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Operational Reliability: Count on enhanced operational reliability, ensuring your equipment runs smoothly and safely
  • Temperature Control : Enjoy a smooth running-in period with minimized temperature peaks, further extending the life of your components.


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Top Movers - Loaded Trailer Hub

Paragon PN DescriptionMax Output PowerCable Connector(s)Max Connector Output CurrentCable LengthAdditional Options
DDE A6803400418EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 16FT60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A16.4'None
DDE A6803400518EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 25FT60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A25'None
DDE A6803400818EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 16FT, CCR60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803400918EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 25FT, CCR60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A25'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803401218EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'None
DDE A6803401318EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'None
DDE A6803401618EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT, CCR120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803401718EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT, CCR120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803402018EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'None
DDE A6803402118EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'None
DDE A6803402418EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT, CCR240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803402518EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT, CCR240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'Credit Card Reader

General Product Information

Products Features and Performance 

Our SKF loaded trailer hubs are engineered with more capacity for the entire life of your trailer to help offset recent increases in tractor weight. Featuring an industry-leading lubricant to extend bearing and seal life, a reduction in weight that won't compromise trailer life, and no aluminum hub maintenance risks.

SKF Engineered

SKF brings together the top heavy duty wheel end technologies to offer the most durable, technologically advanced solution to give your flee HUGE UPTIME. This assembly includes premium ductile iron hub virtually guaranteeing perfect alignment of bearing, seal, brake drum and wheel mounting surfaces. It also features the CR Scotseal X-Treme with advanced heat technology and SKF bearings.

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Warranty Information

5 Year Warranty

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