ConMet Wheel Hubs

ConMet Aftermarket hub assemblies are the most advanced wheel ends on the market, featuring ConMet wheel seals and bearings. The most advanced wheel ends on the market, including industry standard PreSet and PreSet Plus heavy duty pre-adjusted hub assemblies. For more than 20 years PreSet hubs have been the go-to wheel end for commercial vehicles in North America. By replacing your wheel ends with genuine PreSet hubs, you get the following benefits:

  • Increased uptime
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Less potential for errors during installation
  • Reduced liability

Upgrade your PreSet Hub to a PreSet Plus Hub with a PreSet Plus ConMet Spindle Nut

ConMet’s spindle nut is the market leader in both initial clamp and clamp load retention over the life of the wheel end. When compared to competitors, up to 2.5X initial clamp load is achieved upon installation and the clamp load retention exceeds 90%. The end result is maximum wheel end life.   

Additionally, the PreSet Plus Spindle Nut offers the following benefits:

  • 5 year/500,000 mile warranty on Aftermarket PreSet Hubs when installed with the PreSet Plus Spindle Nut
  • Once the torque is met, no adjustment is required to engage the lock ring
  • It is the industry’s only nut that provides the visibility to know when the ring is positively engaged
  • The PTFE coated material maximizes the clamp force when tightening the nut 
  • The lock ring is in a relaxed state when engaged
  • Acts as a hub puller when the hub needs be removed simplifying the removal process 
  • Acts as assembly aid during installation, keeping the outboard bearing cone secure in the hub and preventing misalignment of the seal 
  • The precision machined, hardened, lock washer ensures full surface contact and eliminates wear 




Product Highlights

Available in aluminum or iron for truck and trailer

Pre-adjusted bearings for longer life and better performance

Precision-stamped ABS ring comes standard

Extended life seal protects internal components

Easy access fill hole means lubricants can be installed quickly and easily

Truck Hubs

Part NumberHub Flange Offset (in)Hub Load Rating (lbs)GAWR (lbs)Hub Material Wheel Stud Standout (in)Steel / Alum WheelsWheel StudWeight (lbs)Hub Cap BC (in)
CM 100822005.446,60013.2KAlum2.47Steel103193374.5
CM 100822015.446,60013.2KAlum2.92Alum10218837.64.5
CM 100822025.447,35014.6KAlum2.47Steel10747744.74.5
CM 100822035.447,35014.6KAlum2.92Alum10747945.54.5
CM 100822045.447,35014.6KIron2.6Steel1000140550.54.5
CM 100822055.447,35014.6KIron3.06Alum1000139951.24.5
CM 100822065.066,60013.2KAlum2.47Steel10319336.94.5
CM 100822075.066,60013.2KAlum2.92Alum10218837.54.5
CM 100822085.067,35014.6KAlum2.47Steel10203340.24.5
CM 100822095.067,35014.6KAlum2.97Alum102290414.5
CM 100822105.067,35014.6KIron2.6Steel1000140552.54.5
CM 100822115.067,35014.6KIron3.06Alum1000139953.24.5
CM 100822124.2910,00020KAlum2.65Steel10747854.95.56
CM 100822134.2910,00020KAlum3.27Alum1000133155.85.56
CM 100822144.2911,50023KIron2.76Steel1000139974.45.56
CM 100822154.2911,50023KIron3.3Alum1000530175.85.56
Part NumberHub Load Rating (lbs)GAWR (lbs)Inner Bearing CombinationOuter Bearing CombinationHub MaterialStud StandoutSteel / Alum WheelsWeight (lbs)Wheel Stud
CM 1008221611,50023K592A PS / 594A PS572 PS / 580 PSAlum2.94Steel50.010001329
CM 1008221611,50023K592A PS / 594A PS573 PS / 580 PSAlum3.81Alum51.410001331
CM 1008221813,00026K592A PS / 594A PS574 PS / 580 PSIron3.06Steel76.510018436
CM 1008221913,00026K592A PS / 594A PS575 PS / 580 PSIron3.97Alum77.910018435
CM 1008222011,50023k592A PS / 594A PS572 PS / 580 PSAlum2.94Steel49.610001329
CM 1008222111,50023k592A PS / 594A PS573 PS / 580 PSAlum3.81Alum51.010001331
CM 1008222213,00026k592A PS / 594A PS574 PS / 580 PSIron3.06Steel60.110018436
CM 1008222313,00026k592A PS / 594A PS572 PS / 580 PSIron3.97Alum61.510018435

Trailer Hubs

Part NumberType of HubPart Number, Bulk (24 ea.)TN / TPHub Load Rating (lbs)GAWR (lbs)Hub Material Wheel Stud Standout (in)Steel / Alum WheelsWheel StudWeight (lbs)
CM 10082224PreSet10082224BTN11,50023kAlum2.94Steel10218841.5
CM 10082225PreSet10082225BTN11,50023kAlum3.8Alum10219042.8
CM 10082226PreSet10082226BTN11,50023kIron3.17Steel1000139951.6
CM 10082227PreSet10082227BTN11,50023kIron4.08Alum1000140053
CM 10082228PreSet10082228BTP12,50025kAlum2.94Steel10229048.5
CM 10082229PreSet10082229BTP12,50025kAlum3.81Alum10229249.8
CM 10082230PreSet10082230BTP12,50025kIron3.17Steel1000139959.7
CM 10082231PreSet10082231BTP12,50025kIron4.08Alum1000140061.1
CM 10082249Conventional10082249BTN11,50023kAlum2.94Steel10218833
CM 10082250Conventional10082250BTN11,50023kAlum3.8Alum10219034
CM 10082251Conventional10082251BTN11,50023kIron3.17Steel1000139942.9
CM 10082252Conventional10082252BTN11,50023kIron4.08Alum1000140044.3
CM 10082253Conventional10082253BTP12,50025kAlum2.94Steel10229036.5
CM 10082254Conventional10082254BTP12,50025kAlum3.81Alum10229237.8
CM 10082255Conventional10082255BTP12,50025kIron3.17Steel1000139947.7
CM 10082256Conventional10082256BTP12,50025kIron4.08Alum1000140049.1

General Product Information


ConMet's specially designed multi-zone labyrinth creates superior protection and low friction, and the wide inside diameter with rubber ribs ensures proper sealing capability. ConMet's wheel seals keep harmful contaminants out and protective lubricants in, where they can work safely and smoothly.


ConMet Bearings are superior to standard bearings because they are designed for optimized contact and reduced stress concentration, resulting in better rolling contact and less friction.

Additional benefits:

  • Extended life over standard bearings
  • Optimized contact and reduced stress concentration
  • Improved rolling contact and reduced friction
  • Lower operating temperature and improved lubrication
  • More effectively withstands heavy cornering and misalignment

Service Kits

Both ConMet and Alliance service kits enable technicians to return PreSet and PreSet Plus hubs to their factory condition with OEM genuine components.


Warranty Information

Aftermarket PreSet Hubs When Installed with PreSet Plus Spindle Nut

5 Years / 500,000 Mile

Aftermarket PreSet Hub Assembly Warranty

3 Years / 350,000 Mile

ConMet Aftermarket Hub Component Warranties

PreSet/PreSet Plus Hub Rebuild Kits: 2 Years / 200,000 Mile

Alliance Hub Component Warranties

Alliance Spindle Nuts: 1 Year / 100,000 Mile

Alliance Seals: 1 Year / 100,000 Mile

Alliance Hub Seal & Spacer Kits: 2 Years / 200,000 Mile


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