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Gunite Ductile Iron Hubs

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Product Highlights

Gunite Ductilite ductile iron hubs are the lightest weight, non-ADI hubs available

Rugged dependability you need without the high cost of ADI or aluminum hubs

Lower maintenance costs and improved wheel-end performance

High Volume Gunite Hubs

Part NumberDescriptionWeightMount TypeBearing Cup SpacingDrive Stud or Hubcap BCDrive Stud or Hubcap Hole PatternPilot DiameterDisc Wheel BCOverall Length
GUN HR931SKRear Gen 3.5 Hub Sub-Assy - SAE Long R Axle - HPM41.23Outboard4.317(8) .62-118.7811.259.99
GUN HF839KFront Hub Sub-Assy - SAE FC Axle62Inboard2.923.62(4) .31-18010.826.11
GUN HF805KFront Hub Sub-Assy - SAE FL Axle54Outboard3.025.5(6) .31-188.7811.257.47
GUN HF838KFront Hub Sub-Assy - SAE FC Axle61Inboard2.923.62(4) .31-18011.256.11
GUN HF820KFront Hub Sub-Assy - Dana I-80 Axle32.39Outboard2.923.62(4) .31-188.7811.256.11
GUN HF897KFront Hub Sub-Assy - SAE FC Axle62Inboard2.923.62(4) .31-18010.826.11
GUN HF770S2Front Hub Sub-Assy - SAE FF Axle41.61Outboard3.384.5(6) .31-188.7811.256.24
GUN HF791KFront Hub Sub-Assy - SAE FF Axle55Inboard3.385.5(6) .31-18011.256.75
GUN HF803KFront Hub Sub-Assy - SAE FF Axle35Outboard3.384.5(6) .31-188.7811.256.24
GUN HR931SK9Rear Gen 3.5 Hub Sub-Assy - SAE Long R Axle - HPM48.75Outboard4.317(8) .62-118.7811.259.99
GUN HR931SK8Rear Gen 3.5 Hub Sub-Assy - SAE Long R Axle - HPM50.16Outboard4.317(8) .62-118.7811.259.99
GUN HF928KFront Hub Sub-Assy - SAE FC Axle63Inboard2.923.62(4) .31-18010.826.11

General Product Information

Accuride Wheel End Solutions is the industry’s only single source capable of supplying a range of wheel-end components for commercial vehicle OEM, fleet and aftermarket customers. Accuride Wheel End Solutions consistently provides reliable products, responsive service and quick solutions. We’re a wheel-end products partner you can depend on for the success of your company.


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Warranty Information

Gunite Iron Hubs Warranty Info:

  • 3 Years Limited Warranty on Tru-Set Front/Steer and Rear/Drive hubs
  • Limited Warranty on industry standard hubs


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