Genuine TRW Remanufactured Steering Gears

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Using unrivaled engineering expertise and unmatched global resources, TRW has pioneered numerous innovations, and we continue to advance efficiency, power and performance throughout the industry. We are experts in development, design and manufacturing of quality precision heavy duty steering systems – always engineered to proprietary specifications and rigorously tested to ensure peerless performance. That’s why a majority of heavy duty trucks on the road feature TRW steering systems, parts and components. Plus, every TRW product is backed by ongoing support from the industry’s most respected leader.

Product Highlights

Superior control, handling, comfort and robustness

Industry-leading innovations in power steering gear technology

Proprietary, five-step process ensures like-new performance from remanufactured gears

18-month, unlimited-mileage warranty

Top Movers - Genuine TRW Remanufactured Steering Gears

APart NumberDescription 1Description 2Application Information
1RGT THP60001R THP60001R Remanufactured Steering gearM2 2002 - 2006
2RGT RGT66007RRGT66007RRemanufactured Steering gearFLD 1985 - Present
3RGT THP60008RTHP60008RRemanufactured Steering gear (4 Port)D2 AB Common Chassis 2002 - Present
4RGT RGT60011RRGT60011RRemanufactured Steering gear (2 Port)D2 AB Common Chassis 2002 - Present
5RGT RGT65157RRGT65157RRemanufactured Steering gear Century 1995 - 2005
6RGT RGT60011RRGT60011RRemanufactured Steering gear (2 Port)Columbia, Cascadia 1998 - Present, and M2 after 2006
7RGT RGT66007RRGT66007RRemanufactured Steering gear112, 120 Conventional 1984 - Present

Why Genuine TRW?

A vehicle only operates as smoothly as its key components. That’s why, for more than a century, TRW has been a global leader in manufacturing heavy duty steering systems, parts and components that deliver the safety, power, performance and reliability you demand.

Safety and Performance

Drive with original TRW equipment, and drive with the confidence to keep your vehicle, and your business, on the road. TRW has greater than 65% OEM Share and 100% share at Freightliner and Western Star.

Remanufactured in the U.S.A.



  • 18 months, unlimited miles
  • Parts and labor

Technical Support

1-800-879-0899 toll free


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