Features and Benefits

• Designed and manufactured to OEM

• Available through Parts Distribution Centers

• Reinforced design for extreme multi-axial

• Quality Management Certifications: IATF
16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10002,
ISO 27001, ISO 28001

• Improved ball joint sealing for heavy duty

• Extensive industry experience

• Superior materials and heat treatment to
increase wear resistance

• Process Quality Certifications: CQI-8 (Layered
Process Audit), CQI-9 (Heat Treat System),
CQI-11 (Plating System) and CQI-12 (Coating
System) standards

Alliance Part Number #Cross reference NumberFreightliner / Ford / Western StarNavistarVolvoOther OEMHendricksonEaton / DanaMeritorDaytonAutomannDescription
ABP N46 R230068HDR 64000 001F3HZ3A131B64000-001R230409310-471ES3177LTie Rod End
ABP N46 R230069HDR 64000 002F3HZ3A130B64000-002R230408310-472ES3176RTie Rod End
ABP N46 64000 001TDA R230068E4HZ3A131B1668407C9137024501129141-000140TR109R230068310-222ES423LTie Rod End
ABP N46 64000 002TDA R230069E4HZ3A130B1668408C9137024501029142-000140TR110R230069310-223ES423RTie Rod End
ABP N46 6073380610ETN 8170183948236817018R230140310-456ES9001LTie Rod End
ABP N46 6073382010ETN 8170193948208817019R230139310-455ES9001RTie Rod End
ABP N46 R230131TDA R23007237190-3406590583C91370245001R230072310-433ES2090LTie Rod End
ABP N46 R230132TDA R23007337024-4403506684C91370245002R230073310-434ES2091RTie Rod End
ABP N46 R230072TDA R2301051668479C91370335029R230105310-396ES3031LTie Rod End
ABP N46 R230073TDA R2301041668480C91370335030R230104310-395ES3030RTie Rod End
ABP N46 817018TDA R230131111799464004-0011009009R230131 / R230421310-285ES3298LTie Rod End
ABP N46 817019TDA R230132111799564004-0021009010R230132 / R230420310-286ES3297RTie Rod End
ABP N46 R230104MBA 607338061060733806102603968C9185110478R230135ES9678LTie Rod End
ABP N46 R230105MBA 607338201060733820102603967C9185110479R230136ES9679RTie Rod End
ABP N46 A3102Z3458MBA 68033044036803304403463.DS4602Drag Link
ABP N46 04036301477201MBA 68033036036803303603463.DS9836Drag Link
ABP N46 A2 3102K4379MBA 68033034036803303403463.DS46403Drag Link
ABP N46 A2 3102Z3458MBA 68033027036803302703463.DS9886Drag Link
ABP N46 6803302703TDA A1 3102F4738A13102F4738Drag Link
ABP N46 6803303403MBA 68033042036803304203463.DS9918Drag Link
ABP N46 A2 3102G3465MBA 68033038036803303803463.DS9822Drag Link
ABP N46 6803304403TDA A1 3102Y3847A13102Y3847 / R230587463.DS9842Drag Link
ABP N46 A1 3102H4532ETN 971092 2586068C91220TR1291 / 971092463.DS9827Drag Link
ABP N46 A2 3102P3474MBA 68033040036803304003Drag Link
ABP N46 6803303803TDA A3102Z34583948881 / 3948882 / 85123243A3102Z3458 / R230616347-105464.255Cross Tubes
ABP N46 A1 3102J4534ZFT 040363014772014036301477201463.DS46721Drag Link
ABP N46 A1 3102K4535TDA A1 3102B3850820625A13102B3850 / R230585463.DS9859Drag Link
ABP N46 6803304303MMH MT10 1127AMT10 1127A463.DS9676Drag Link
ABP N46 A1 3102Y3847TDA A2 3102K43791681433C91120TR1001XA23102K4379 / R230589463.DS9833Drag Link
ABP N46 A1 3102B3850MBA 68033043036803304303463.DS4620Drag Link
ABP N46 971092TDA A1 3102J4534A13102J4534463.DS9819Drag Link
ABP N46 6803304203TDA A1 3102D2890VA13102D2890V463.DS9801Drag Link
ABP N46 MT10 1127AETN 9714432586473C91120TR134 / 971443463.DS9877Drag Link
ABP N46 6803304003TDA A3 3102Y3847A33102Y3847463.DS9844Drag Link
ABP N46 A1 3102D2890VTDA A1 3102K4535A13102K4535463.DS9893Drag Link
ABP N46 A1 3102C4293TDA A1 3102P4462811940A13102P4462 / R230591463.DS9815Drag Link
ABP N46 A1 3102U4233TDA A2 3102G3465A23102G3465 / R230593463.DS9808Drag Link
ABP N46 A1 3102F4738TDA A1 3102H4532A13102H4532463.DS9858Drag Link
ABP N46 6803303603WWS 143640-0021143640-0021463.DS9832Drag Link
ABP N46 971443TDA A2 3102P3474A2 3102P3474 / R230578463.DS9830Drag Link
ABP N46 A1 3102P4462TDA A2 3102Z3458A23102Z3458 / R230579463.DS3158Drag Link
ABP N46 A3 3102Y3847TDA A1 3102C4293A13102C4293 / R230576463.DS9837Drag Link
ABP N46 143640-0021TDA A1 3102U4233 1681431C9120577037 / 7QH44M / 37004502415579758220TR1141A13102U4233 / R230582463.DS5531Drag Link

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