IdlePro Extreme® 12V & 24V Alternators

The Leece-Neville IdlePro Extreme® series alternators offer industry-best output at low engine speeds, utilizing a high-amp, brushless design.

Product Highlights (IdlePro Extreme 12V & 24V Alternators)

Auxiliary Draft Cooling Design

Special design that controls temperature of the front bearing – 10 degrees cooler than traditional designs*

Improved Output at Low-Engine Speeds

Minimum of 90% output of unit’s rated maximum output at engine idle speed* provides efficient, battery-saving performance

Premium Brushless Design

Best-in-class brushless performance without the weight & size downfalls of conventional alternators

Dual Cable Terminals (B+/B-) Positioned Laterally & Axially

Extends the coverage & convenience of these alternators

Remote Sense Capable

Reduces battery charge time & returns battery to a full state of charge between vehicle stops

Isolated Ground Technology

Reduces stray voltage currents traveling through the engine – reduces component wear & eliminates potentially severe electrolytic damage

Premium Heavy Duty Design

eCoated for superior corrosion resistance & heavy duty housing design improves performance in common extreme operating environments

IdlePro Extreme 12V Alternators

Prestolite Part #Delco RemyNiehoffUnipoint
BLP40038600473 8600529 8600629 61006079C527 C531 C680
BLP4002H8600298 8600628
BLP4004H8600298 8600628

IdlePro Extreme 24V Alternators

Prestolite Part #Delco RemyNiehoff
BLP4101H8600453 8600483 8600581 8600635 8600737 8600739 8600761 8600807C530 C532
BLP410661002316 8600564
BLD410561006083 8600434 8600480

General Product Information

For more information on IdlePro Extreme® Alternators click here.

Warranty Information

IdlePro Extreme 12V:

Highway & Bus 12V Applications, 4-Year/Unlimited Mileage*

IdlePro Extreme 24V:

Medium & Heavy Duty Applications, 3-Year/350,000 Miles*


*Check with your Prestolite representative for more details

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