Alliance Transmission

Transmissions for every make, model, speed, and ratio, regardless of vehicle age. 

Alliance Transmission Clutch Bundle

Alliance Trans Clutch Bundle

Product Highlights

Recovery process uses OEM approved processes.


Complete disassembly, while maintaining original components together.

Two-step, proprietary process: steam cleaned, washed, shot peened, and wipe washed.

All parts Magnetic Particle inspected, allowing internal component damage to be seen.

Core, gear, and shafts measured to exact OEM specifications.

All wearable items are replaced with new.

Every product is thoroughly tested for the quality of the build and performance.


Transmission dynamo-meters digitally record each product operation by individual serial number.

Two-year, nation-wide warranty on all manual transmissions– unlimited miles.

Top Movers -Transmission

Part NumberPart Description
FRO16210CPFuller Transmission
FROF16210CPFuller Transmission
RTLO18918BPFuller Transmission
RTLO16913APFuller Transmission
RTLO18913APFuller Transmission
RTO16908LLPFuller Transmission
FS6406N4304933Fuller Transmission
FRO16210CCFuller Transmission
FS6406A4301403Fuller Transmission

General Product Information

Detailed product description

Ordering - Call Customer Care: (800) 668-5560

Quote price and availability

Technical assistance

Product identification assistance

Hours: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST

Purchase is booked within minutes of OEM PO receipt

Unit ships by end of day – warehouse cut-off times permitting

Confirmation of freight provided with delivery dates and times

Simple part number – i.e., RD20145373     

Freight Policy (US)

All prepaid

Pickup available at all warehouses at no charge. Arrangements are made through Customer Care.

Drop Ship is available at no charge within AOR.

Product ships from nearest location.


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Dealer Pricing & Availability

Warranty Information

Pricing information

Assure competitive market pricing – allow for immediate flexibility on special quotes

  1. Continuously supporting the dealer to be competitive in the market

Availability information

Inventoried at 28 locations across North America to provide next day or same day delivery to any dealer on 90% of every make, model, speed, and ratio for manual transmissions – regardless of vehicle age.

New and made to order drive shafts are available to ship same day.


North American warranty – North American coverage

2-year, unlimited miles

  • Both, dealer installed and over the counter sales

Call direct for “Real Time” review

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