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Eaton is the North American master distributor for Bezares USA, a global manufacturer of Power Takeoffs (PTOs), hydraulic pumps, fittings, tanks, valves, and other related mobile power hydraulic components. In addition to distribution services, Eaton provides post-sale service and support through its extensive Roadranger field team. 


Bezares product is currently only available through Eaton to the US Market.  If this changes, we will update this page and provide additional information.

Product Highlights

Complete mobile power solutions, available from Eaton


Decades of experience in heavy duty power management

Complete solutions

Configurations for vocational and specialty applications

Peace of mind

Backed by the Roadranger field team

Top Movers - Bezares PTO & Parts

PT2000XCN011RA8 Bolt, Air, Fuller Input, Rotatable SAE B flg. 7/8 13T shaft
PT2000XEN011RA8 Bolt, Air, Fuller Input, Rotatable SAE B flg. 7/8 13T shaft
PT2000XJN011SE8 Bolt, Air, Fuller Input, 1 1/4" keyed shaft, small blower app.
PT2010XCN243RA8 Bolt Deep Mount Air Shift Mack trans
PT2010XBN751RA8 Bolt Deep Mount Air Shift Endurant
PT3252PBE633SA10 Bolt Allison, SAE B dir. mt.
PT3252PGE633SA10 Bolt Allison, SAE B dir. mt.
PT902299-141 & 4 Position Air Shifter
PTAK101XPTO air cab control kit
PTAK126CPTO/pump combo control
PTM2 8 Bolt Metric Stud Kit
PTTO126C-1010" tower for cab control
PT108010099Gasket 8-Bolt .010
PT108010003Gasket 8-Bolt .020
PT108010100Gasket 8-Bolt .032
PTBZ102LAS25Dump pump Left-CCW (Fuller) air shift, direct mt.
PTBZ102RAS25Dump Pump Right CW (Allison) air shift, direct mt.

General Product Information

Technical Support/Hotline Information: Eaton Customer Service and Tech Support at (800)826-4357
or visit

Warranty Information

1-year manufacturer's warranty on parts only.

Territory Map & Contact List

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Eaton VGNA 2020 Fields Sales Map

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