Alliance Allison Automatic Transmissions

DTNA Parts is proud to offer the Alliance variant of the top moving Allison Automatic Transmissions.  

This Value offering has been released to the DTNA Network to offer our customers a cost effective solution to get them on the road with reduced down time. 

Reduced pricing on select Part Numbers as of 4/1/2024!

Features & Benefits

Core Receiving and Inspection

All incoming core is 100% torn down and inspected. 

Product Recovery

All transmission components are 100% inspected and measured against OEM specification.

Consumable and wear items (i.e. Bearings & Seals) are replaced 100%.

Assembly components are measured & gauged using CMM / Air Gauging / Electronic Measurements.

Product Assembly

Transmission assembly is conduction in a control production environment that modeled from the Detroit OEM process. 

Standards and Best Practices have been adapted and implemented from the Detroit Production Environment.

Quality Control and product auditing is standard practice within the Assembly Environment.

Function Testing

100% of all assembled transmissions are subject to End of Line (EOL) Dynamometer Test.

Transmission dynamometer testing is conducted in similar fashion to the OE Process. 

All transmissions are subjected to Speed / Load testing that is representative to over the road conditions.

All forward and reverse gears are functionally tested and verified. 

NVH Measurements are conducted to ensure assembly of the transmission is correct. 

All test results are captured and stored for Quality Control purposes. 


Product Availability

Alliance Allison Transmissions are proudly manufactured in the USA with immediate availability!

Alliance Allison Automatic Transmission Top Movers

29542163ABP R26 29542163TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29542163 MD3060PRM
29542164ABP R26 29542164TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29542164 MD3060PRM
29542180ABP R26 29542180TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29542180 MD3560PRM
29542181ABP R26 29542181TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29542181 MD3560PRM
29544637ABP R26 29544637TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29544637 MD3066PRM
29544856ABP R26 29544856TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29544856 3000PRM
29544857ABP R26 29544857TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29544857 3000PRM
29544861ABP R26 29544861TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29544861 3000PRM
29544865ABP R26 29544865TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29544865 -MOD: MD3560
29549621ABP R26 29549621TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29549621 3000RM
29549623ABP R26 29549623TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29549623 3000RM
29549627ABP R26 29549627TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29549627 3000PRM
29549628ABP R26 29549628TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29549628 3500PRM
29549630ABP R26 29549630TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29549630 B400RRM
29557057ABP R26 29557057TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29557057 -MOD: MD3500
29557061ABP R26 29557061TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29557061 -MOD: MD3066
29557063ABP R26 29557063TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29557063 -MOD: 3000RM
29557064ABP R26 29557064TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29557064 -MOD: 3000PRM
29557067ABP R26 29557067TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29557067 -MOD: 3000PRM
29557070ABP R26 29557070TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29557070 -MOD: 3500PRM
29560387ABP R26 29560387TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29560387 3500PRM
29560389ABP R26 29560389TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29560389 -MOD: 3000RM
29560390ABP R26 29560390TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29560390 3000PRM
29560392ABP R26 29560392TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29560392 3000PRM
29560394ABP R26 29560394TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29560394 -MOD: 3000PRM
29560397ABP R26 29560397TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29560397 -MOD: 3000PRM
29560400ABP R26 29560400TRANS AUTO ALSN 29560400 MOD MD3500P
29560401ABP R26 29560401TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29560401 3500PRM
29549626ABP R26 29549626TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29549626 3000PRM
29549629ABP R26 29549629TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29549629 3500PRM
29560388ABP R26 29560388TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29560388 -MOD: 3000
29560399ABP R26 29560399TRANS AUTO - ALSN 29560399 3500PRM

Warranty Information

Alliance Allison Automatic Transmissions are covered with a 1 Year / Unlimited Mile Warranty

Last updated: Monday, 01 April 2024 01:42 PM

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