Alliance A/C Compressor Kits for Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Applications

All-in-one Kits designed to reduce returns due to mismatched / missing parts.

  • OE Form, fit and function to ensure proper installation and long-term reliability.
  • Kit image on label shows exactly what is in the box, for ease of sale.
  • Each A/C Compressor Kit includes:
    • A/C Compressor
    • Receiver Drier
    • A/C Expansion Device(s) for main unit and sleeper cab (if applicable)
    • Rapid Seal Kit
    • Cap and Valve Kit
    • Pag Oil
    • Measuring Cup

General Product Information

Detailed product description

  • Value priced, high quality alternative.
  • Backed by the Alliance Brand.
  • Complete all-makes program for drop-in replacement.
  • Proven performance and quality.

Warranty Information

A limited one-year warranty


Last updated: Friday, 05 January 2024 10:05 PM

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