Heavy Duty Condenser

At Alliance Condensers, our primary focus is on prioritizing OE performance and fit in the design and production process. We achieve this by employing top-notch materials, innovative designs, and advanced manufacturing methods, all of which guarantee that our replacement condensers consistently uphold the utmost standards of quality and dependability.

Product Highlights

Zinc Coated Tubes

Our condensers include a zinc coating to enhance their resistance to salt corrosion, particularly in regions close to the coastline or experiencing significant snowfall.







Virgin Aluminum

Every bracket and fitting is crafted from pure, virgin aluminum to guarantee material purity and strength in the brazing bond.








Reinforced Fin Edge Design

We fold the fin edges to enhance stability and improve heat dissipation characteristics.








Parallel Flow Design

Our condensers incorporate a parallel flow design to enhance cooling effectiveness.

Top Mover - Freightliner Cascadia 2018 - 2021

ABP N83 32 0973

2261980000; 2262271000; 2262272000; 2262339000; 2265662000; 2265663000; 2265664000; A2262272000; A2265662000; A2265664000; A2266824002; A2266825000; A2266839001; A2266840000; A2267125000; A2267126000; A2272250000; A2272460000; ABPN83320973;  N83306033;     RD471310P

Freightliner Cascadia 08-16 Parallel Flow 33.17in (84.25cm) X 22.38in (56.85cm)
ABP N83 32 0863

1512015;1E6068; 650363; 77R6978; 9240609; ABPN83320863; BHT4698; MOD1E6068; PL3296; RD465270; RD465270P; SCSI9240613

Freightliner Century M2 03-07 Parallel Flow 32in (81.28cm) X 18in (45.72cm)
ABP N83 32 2010 2262221000; 2262390000; 2265662000; 2266828000; 650986; A2266827000; A2266842000; A2267128000; A2272252000; A2272462000; ABPN83322010 Freightliner Business Class M2 08-10 Parallel Flow 27.94in (70.97cm) X 20.88in (53.04cm)
ABP N83 32 0871 2265664000; 650611; A2266840000; A2267126000; ABPN83320871; BHTD2513; BHTE2108; BHTE2513; BHTP5631001 Freightliner Business Class M2 03-07 Parallel Flow 24in (60.96cm) X 16.44in (41.76cm)
ABP N83 32 0956 2232466001; 2239302001; 650607; ABPN83320956; C60000; CD40607; TC40607 Freightliner Various Applications 97-02/07 Parallel Flow 28.25in (71.76cm) X 9.75in (24.77cm
ABP N83 32 0964 2262271001; 2262271002; 226337200; 2265663001; 2265663002; 226566500; 79083; 9240906; A2266603000; A2266824001; A2266824002; A2266839001; A2266839002; A2267125001; A2267125002; A2272249001; A2272249002; A22724559001; A2272459001; A2272459002; A2277249001; ABPN83320964; PT40906; PT40906P Freightliner Columbia 10-11 Parallel Flow 33.69in (85.57cm) X 18.44in (46.84cm)
ABP N83 32 0952 1000039653; 1000039663; 1512012; 1512016; 1E5865; 1E6069; 2440703; 650610; 95050; ABPN83320952; BHT95050; K1512012; K1512016; K1512017; PB1635; PB1655; PL5072 Freightliner Coronado 04-13 Parallel Flow 34in (86.36cm) X 18.81in (47.78cm)
ABP N83 32 2036 1S12193; 9260103; ABPN83322036; MOD1S12193; WSAA09410PF Western Star 4900/6900 05-07 Parallel Flow 38.50in (97.79cm) X 14in (35.56cm)
ABP N83 32 0981 1140608; 2242084002; 2430535; 3101211TC; 3501704; 613AC228; 650608; A010693; ABPN83320981; B0A19893S; BT30535; CD40608; CPT40608P Freightliner / Western Star Century Class (Various) 97-02 Parallel Flow 33.06in (83.97cm) X 19.19in (48.74cm)
ABP N83 32 0949 042472; 42472; 652200; ABPN83320949; VAL1210364 Ford Sterling 96-06 Parallel Flow 34.38in (87.33cm) X 19.63in (49.86cm)
ABP N83 32 0961 2261980000; 2262271000; 2265663000; 79084; 9240731; A2262271000; A2266824000; A2266824001; A2266839000; A2266839001; A2267125000; A2267125001; A2272249000; A2272459000; ABPN83320961; CON0015; P2262271000; PT40731 Freightliner Columbia 07-08 Parallel Flow 33.69in (85.57cm) X 18.44in (46.84cm)
ABP N83 32 2042 2433658; A2266826000; A2266841000; A2267127000; A2272251000; ABPN83322042 Freightliner 108SD 114SD M2 106/112 12-13 Parallel Flow 33.88in (86.06cm) X 18.38in (46.69cm)
ABP N83 32 0983 ABPN83320983; F6HT19710BA; F6HZ19712A Ford Sterling L-Series (Heavy Truck) 96-02 Parallel Flow 18.44in (46.84cm) X 36.56in (92.86cm)
ABP N83 32 0979 650605; 6808300070; 6808300370; 6818300007; ABPN83320979 Freightliner FL60 94-06 Parallel Flow 25.88in (65.74cm) X 20in (50.8cm)
ABP N83 32 2009 652202; ABPN83322009; BHT61331; BHT87164 Sterling Acterra 04-06 Parallel Flow 26in (66.04cm) X 20.13in (51.13cm)
ABP N83 32 2041 2433649; ABPN83322041; BHT80319; BHTE4698 Sterling Truck Acterra 03-05 Parallel Flow 26in (66.04cm) X 20.13in (51.13cm)
ABP N83 32 2031 1140606; 2239302000; 2239302001; 79008; 9240606; ABPN83322031; FRAA06060PF Freightliner FLA Series Cab-Over Engine, High Profile 96-02 Parallel Flow 28.13in (71.45cm) X 17.94in (45.57cm)
ABP N83 32 0987 040610; 1140610; 2243941000; 2265663000; ABPN83320987; CON0068 Freightliner Columbia 12.0L 01-03 Parallel Flow 29.38in (74.63cm) X 20in (50.8cm)
ABP N83 32 2012 2262272001; 2265664001; 650609; 79119; A2266825000; A2266825001; A2266840001; A2267126001; A2272250001; A2272460001; ABPN83322012; ABPN83322118 Freightliner Cascadia 113 L6 12.8L 10-12 Parallel Flow 33.88in (86.06cm) X 22.69in (57.63cm)
ABP N83 32 2110 1S12193; ABPN83322110; MOD1S12193 Western Star 4800/4900/6900 2004-2013 Parallel Flow 38 1/2in (97.79cm) X 14in (35.56cm)
ABP N83 32 2116 040611; 1512011; 20046S; 2245017000; 2430526; 3101411TC; A0517636000; A3345017000; ABPN83322116; PT40611 Freightliner Argosy 1999-2006 Parallel Flow 24 1/2in (62.23cm) X 26in (66.04cm)

General Product Information


Our tube-and-fin configuration adheres strictly to OEM design standards, ensuring that it aligns with the precise specifications required for optimal performance. Our replacement part facilitates maximum heat transfer efficiency, allowing the component to effectively dissipate heat under varying conditions. Superior performance occurs even during pressure drops, as the design has been refined to handle such challenges seamlessly. By upholding these stringent standards, we assure you that our product not only meets but surpasses the quality and functionality expectations, making it a reliable choice for your specific needs.



Our rigorous quality assurance process includes subjecting all replacement parts to a meticulous helium test. This advanced testing methodology guarantees that the replacement part is thoroughly inspected for any potential leaks. By subjecting our replacement part to this rigorous examination, we ensure that they are not just leak-resistant but genuinely 100% leak-free. This commitment to helium testing reflects our dedication to providing you with the highest quality products, instilling confidence that our parts will perform flawlessly and reliably in your vehicle.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Our Two-Year Unlimited Mileage industry-leading warranty offers you two years of coverage with no mileage restrictions. This warranty reflects our confidence in the durability and performance of our products, ensuring you peace of mind.

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