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DynaFlex Products

Made in USA systems since 1972 featuring complete bills of materials that make kit application easy!

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Product Highlights

Premium Quality Stacks With An Unmatched Finish

Quality American Made Product

Show Quality Chrome Plated Stainless Steel

Kits Include Stacks, Spools, And All Required Mounting Hardware And Accessories

Top Movers - DynaFlex

Part NumberDescriptionUOM
KF-50052CPZ Kit | FL | FLD120 | Classic | 93+KT
KF-605052CPZ Kit | FL | FLD120 | Classic | 93+KT
KF-705052CPZ Kit | FL | FLD120 | Classic | 93+KT
KF-805052CPZ Kit | FL | FLD120 | Classic | 93+KT
KF-Q50052CPZ kit-Q | FL | FLD120 | Classic |KT
KF-Q605052CPZ kit-Q | FL | FLD120 | Classic |KT
KF-Q705052CPZ kit-Q | FL | FLD120 | Classic |KT
KF-Q805052CPZ kit-Q | FL | FLD120 | Classic |KT
26P-705036CP Plain Stack | Bullhauler | ChromeEA
24P-50036CP Plain Stack | Straight | ChromeEA
24MP-805036CP Plain Stack | Mitered | ChromeEA

General Product Information

The full DynaFlex Products catalog is available for purchase via the Daimler program

Check out the brochures of the new products just released at MATS.


Click here for a Donaldson to Dynaflex Cross Reference

Warranty Information

Dynaflex products are warranted for one year from date of purchase with proof of purchase only.  Check our warranty statement for specifics.



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