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Truck-Lite began with an ingenious idea that sparked a revolution in truck and trailer safety lighting. Tackling the problem of the short life of trailer lights, founder George Baldwin designed the first sealed marker light, using his kitchen sink for quality control. That first light was a commercial success, and Truck-Lite released the industry’s first sealed stop/turn/tail light soon after. Since then, Truck-Lite has grown into an international company with over 3,000 employees.

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Cascadia P3 Product Highlights

Diamond Shell 2.0 Lens Coating

Anti-haze coating is non-yellowing and resists impact and scratches


Plug-and-Play Compatibility

Pure White Light Output

Pure white light output dramatically improves overall visibility and can help decrease driver fatigue

Rated at over 30,000 hours

Top Movers - (Lighting)

TL 60250RLAMP-LED,S/T/T,RED,SERIES 60,2No Plug, Fit & Forget S.S., 12V
TL 44302RLAMP-6 DIODE LED,S/T/T,RED,SUPNo Plug, Fit & Forget S.S., 12V
TL 33050YLAMP-MARKER/CLEARANCE,LED,YEL,Hardwired, Kit, .180 Bullet, 12v
TL 33050RLAMP-MARKER/CLEARANCE,LED,RED,Hardwired, Kit, .180 Bullet, 12v
TL 44344CLIGHT-CLEAR LED BACK UPNo Plug, Fit & Forget S.S., 12V
TL 44202RLAMP-42 DIODE LED,S/T/T,RED,SUNo Plug, Fit & Forget S.S., 12V

General Product Information

Truck-Lite has a history of firsts, including the first sealed lighting products, the first LED S/T/T lamps for commercial vehicles and the first LED forward lighting for both military and commercial vehicles. All these firsts represent major industry breakthroughs, but being first isn’t enough. Our goal, from design to installation, is to deliver the best. Our products have been copied time and time again, but our superior quality has never been met by others.



Warranty Information

Truck-Lite Warranty

Year 1 fulfilled through DTNA, >1 year through Truck-Lite 


Additional Product Sales Sheets

Truck-Lite’s new line of high-output LED work lights puts brighter, truer light right where you need it. Backed by an industry-leading warranty and available in multiple beam patterns, each lamp is designed and tested to perform in any situation throughout the life of your vehicle.


Truck-Lite High Output Work Lamps                Signal-Stat High Output Work Lamps (value)

The new heated Super 44 and 60 Series LED stop/turn/tail lamps offer signature
Truck-Lite styling, rugged construction and a five-year warranty – now with a heating
element that consistently warms the lamp as temperatures fall, preventing ice and snow
buildup in even the most severe winter weather.


Heated Sales Sheet

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has granted tank trailer
operators the ability to install brake-activated pulsating lamps on the rear of their
trailer in order to increase visibility and reduce the risk of rear-end collisions.
Used in addition to traditional tail lamps, Truck-Lite’s variety of amber and red
strobes provides the visibility and durability you need to take advantage of this new
ruling – and help keep your fleet safer on the road.


Tanker Strobe Sales Sheet

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