Product Highlights

  • The New Alliance New Cascadia 126 hood is a premium hood composite for 2018 & up Freightliner 126 Cascadia applications. (1 SKU)


  • Precision hood design that ensures ideal fit, form and function. Guaranteed to fit your vehicle. Paint to match, unprimed.


  • Built with premium materials to ensure product quality and best in class durability.


  • Tested under strict DTNA standards.


  • The Alliance hood includes cross bar, without hinges.


  • Premium quality; Competitive price.


  • In stock and available to ship from our DTNA PDC network only.


  • Back by Alliance standard warranty.



Alliance New Cascadia 126 hood





Alliance Part NumberDescriptionCross Part Number
ABP N60B A17 20392 006P4 Hood TCO Alliance, UnprimedA17-20392-006

Last updated: Tuesday, 25 July 2023 01:16 PM

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