Bendix® Valves

Bendix QR-1 Quick Release Valve, Bendix QRN Quick Release Valve, & Bendix QR-L Inline Quick Release Valve 

Product Highlights

Manufactured with specific crack pressures. This is important in today’s sensitive operating systems, white box products cannot meet this demand.

All valves are not alike. Do not let your customer jeopardize safety due to a look a like valve, braking systems demand valves that meet the OE requirements.

Bendix QR-1 Quick Release Valve

  • All aluminum die-cast cover and body
  • Wide variety of differential pressure ranges including:
    • Differential
    • 0 psi
    • 1 psi (max)
    • 2 - 4.5 psi
    • 6 - 8 psi
  • Highest flow capacity available in a quick release valve
  • TMC washer indicating device and pressure setting
  • Standard:  1.5” spacing between customer mounting holes
  • Standard:  Open exhaust port

Bendix QRN Quick Release Valve

  • Plastic upper body (including threaded ports)
    and stamped steel lower body
  • Wide variety of differential pressure ranges including:  Black– slotted mtg bracket
    • Differential
    • 0 psi
    • 1 psi (max)
    • 2 - 4.5 psi
    • 6 - 8 psi
  • Beaded seat holds a sustained differential (10 sec)
  • TMC washer indicating device and pressure setting
  • Standard 1.5” spacing between customer mounting holes
  • Two colored stamped brackets:
    • Grey – through-hole mtg bracket

Bendix QR-L Inline Quick Release Valve

  • All zinc die-cast cap and body
  • 0 psi differential pressure setting only
  • QR-L is non-serviceable
  • Two versions available:
    • Direct Mount
    • Bracket Mount

Top Movers - Bendix Valves

Part NumberRankDescription
BW 800333V1Quick Release Valve
BW 248579V2Ring
BW 298818NV3Button
BW 289714NV4Quick Release Valve
BW 286171NV5Foot Brake Valve
BW 298817NV7Button
BW 802744V8Quick Release Valve
BW 229859NV9Quick Release Valve
BW K028994V10Pressure Reducing Valve
BW 065706V12Tractor Protection Valve
BW 801526V13Spares Kit
BW 800372V14Check Valve
BW 800375V15Check Valve
BW 131081V16Spares Kit
BW K033221V17Spring Brake Valve
BW K073055V19Solenoid Assembly
BW 802743V20Quick Release Valve
BW 236982NV21Boot
BW 801631V23Dash Valve
BW K021558V24Spring Brake Valve
BW 800260V25Dash Valve
BW 801315V26Dash Valve
BW 065661V27Dash Valve
BW 802804V28Dash Valve
BW 065476V29Relay Valve
BW 102802NV30Spares Kit
BW 278614NV31Double Check Valve
BW 800629V32Foot Brake Valve
BW K035691V33Dash Valve
BW 802911V34Foot Brake Valve
BW 284142NV35Safety Valve
BW 103385NV36Drain Cock
BW K021562V37Spring Brake Valve
BW 279000NV38Tractor Protection Valve

General Product Information

Bendix as an OEM supplier has chosen to Offer premium remanufactured and new shoes to meet your needs. OEM braking and Safety system expertise has been used to perfect the process to provide the driver with the best safety in braking through reduced braking distances to meet RSD mandate to consistent frictions that wear well without risk to Rust jacking. Your Tractor had Bendix originally, stay with the best to maintain your as equipped stopping distances and avoid costly liability and out of service issues.

Warranty Information

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