EasyFit™ Automatic Slack Adjusters

Features & Benefits

  • Promotes lifetime lubrication due to self-energized sealing design
  • Helps reduce service cost by eliminating the need for quarterly greasing
  • Powder coated housing helps maximize corrosion resistance and product life
  • Optimized adjustment can lower the risk of brake grabbing and hot runners
  • Self-setting function helps avoid additional adjustments

Parts Information

To see the product part numbers, installation kits numbers, and cross references, click to view the WABCO EasyFit Automatic Slack Adjuster product brochure below.


Product Highlights

Maintains constant clearance between brake lining and drum, even under extreme temperature conditions

Decreases risk of hot runners

Quick adjustment

Prevents risk of dragging brakes

Powder coated

For superior corrosion protection

Fully sealed

From road contamination and impurity ingress

Quick and easy installation

Maximizes uptime

EasyFit™ Automatic Slack Adjuster - Installation Kits

WABCO Product Number

  Vehicle Application

Arm Length (inches)

# of Teeth
EasyFit™ + Installation Kit Bracket Type      
433 225 925 2 Plate Trailer 5.5 28
433 225 926 2 Plate Trailer 6.0 28
433 225 927 2 Plate Trailer 5.5 37
433 225 928 2 Plate Trailer 5.5 10
433 225 929 2 Plate Trailer 6.0 10
433 225 930 2 Strap Truck (drive axle) 6.0 28
433 225 931 2 Strap Truck (drive axle) 5.5 28
433 225 932 2 Strap Truck (drive axle) 5.5 28
433 225 933 2 Clamp Trailer 6.0 28
433 225 934 2 Clamp Trailer 6.0 10

General Product Information

ZF maintains a comprehensive brake portfolio designed to cover a wide variety of applications and vehicle vocations. WABCO EasyFit Automatic Slack Adjusters are available for purchase from both the DTNA PDC and DDS programs.

About ZF

ZF Commercial Vehicle Solutions – the largest single-source complete commercial vehicle technology supplier and integrator – which unites trusted brands ZF, WABCO, TRW, Lemforder, and Sachs.​

Visit our website to our portfolio of commercial vehicle products and solutions.

Warranty Information

The standard aftermarket warranty for WABCO products is one year, parts only.

Need Help?

The WABCO Customer Care Center provides complete support for the comprehensive portfolio of WABCO products sold in North America.

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