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Gunite High Volume Rotors

Part NumberRotor StyleWeightMinimum Wear ThicknessOverall DiameterBrake Surface WidthOverall DepthPilot DiameterBC DiameterNumber of Bolt HolesBolt Hole SizeSpecial Information
D6227MHat Shape, ABS391.32151.433.2167.25100.57Replaces D6176M. Comes with GEOMET special corrosion protection
D6178AMU Shape, ABS591.32151.437.119.511.25101.06 
D6228MHat Shape, ABS341.32151.433.55.46.7560.57Replaces D6194M. Comes with GEOMET special corrosion protection
D6227DMHat Shape, ABS391.32151.433.2167.2560.57Replaces D6176DM. Comes with GEOMET special corrosion protection
D6178MU Shape, ABS591.32151.437.111011.25100.81ABS version of D6157. Comes with GEOMET special corrosion protection.

General Product Information

Accuride Wheel End Solutions is the industry’s only single source capable of supplying a range of wheel-end components for commercial vehicle OEM, fleet and aftermarket customers. Accuride Wheel End Solutions consistently provides reliable products, responsive service and quick solutions. We’re a wheel-end products partner you can depend on for the success of your company.


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Gunite Rotor Warranty Info: 

  • Limited Warranty on industry standard disc brake rotors

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