ConMet Disc Brake Rotors

Disc brakes offer improved stopping distance when compared to drum brakes, which translates into safer and more consistent vehicle performance. With both air and hydraulic disc options, ConMet’s PreSet and PreSet Plus Hub & Rotor Assemblies are available for all axle positions and in any configuration required to perfectly mate with just about every vehicle’s brake component system. Additional benefits of air disc brakes include:

  • Improved handling and stability
  • Lower life cycle cost
  • Reduced temperature of brake components

Product Highlights

For steer, drive, and trailer applications

For heavy duty and medium duty applications

Brake Rotor Kits

Part NumberPart DescriptionRotor TypeAxle PositionAxle Type ApplicationOE ApplicationRotor Diameter
CM 10020611Rotor Service Kit - Replaces ConMet #10019996FlatFront and DriveF08, F12, 190 Medium DutyFord and International390mm
CM 10020682Rotor Service Kit- Replaces ConMet #10020109OD-Piloted U-Shape Front and DriveFF, FL, RHeavy DutyFreightliner430mm
CM 10041215Rotor Service Kit- Replaces ConMet #10037760Flat Front FFHeavy DutyVolvo/Mack410mm
CM 10041216Rotor Service Kit- Replaces ConMet #10034621Flat FrontFFHeavy DutyVolvo/Mack434mm
CM 10041217Rotor Service Kit- Replaces ConMet #10037760Flat DriveRHeavy DutyVolvo/Mack410mm
CM 10041218Rotor Service Kit- Replaces ConMet #10034621Flat DriveRHeavy DutyVolvo/Mack434mm
CM 10081372Rotor Service Kit- Replaces ConMet #10034338 / Performance Friction #38111311Hat DriveL-SeriesMedium DutyIC Bus381mm
CM 10082074Rotor Service Kit- Replaces ConMet # 10041006U-ShapeTrailerTNTrailer 430mm
CM 10082181Rotor Service Kit- Replaces ConMet # 10080753U-ShapeFront and DriveFF, FL, RHeavy DutyNavistar434mm
CM 10030921Rotor Service Kit- Replaces ConMet # 10003830Hat Front and DriveFC,FF, F, L Medium DutyFreightliner/Thomas Built Buses381mm
CM 10084199Rotor Service Kit- Replaces ConMet # 10083615FlatTrailer Trailer 430mm

Warranty Information

ConMet Disc Brake Rotor Warranty

1 Year / 100,000 Miles



Last updated: Tuesday, 27 February 2024 12:45 PM

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