Alliance Brake Pads

Product Highlights

Features & Benefits

  • All pads are positive molded for the highest quality.
  • Pads are made using world class friction materials tailored to each application that exceeds OE standards.
  • Environmentally responsible.  No copper or heavy metals found in brake pad material.
  • Every pad has an anti-corrosion powder coat for increased life and durability in the harshest environments.
  • Brake pad sets all come with high quality brake hardware kits to restore the brake performance to the new condition and ensure worry-free installation.
  • This leads to longer pad life and reduced disc wear, minimizing down-time. 
  • Brake pads are quiet, low dust and possess great high temperature performance.

Brake Pad Top Movers

Part NumberDescription
ABP 42A 7654 D786AFits certain Ford and IH/Navistar trucks with 66mm caliper pistons
ABP 42A 7655 D786Fits certain Ford and IH/Navistar trucks with 73mm caliper pistons
ABP 42A 7108 D184Fits certain GM and International trucks
ABP 42A 8323 D1203Knorr-Bremse SB7
ABP 42A 7636 D769Fits certain GM trucks
ABP 42A 9294 D2061Wabco MAXXUS
ABP 42A 7818 D225Fits certain GM and International trucks
ABP 42A 8426 D1311Meritor EX225 H2
ABP 42A 8479 D1369Bendix ADB22X
ABP 42A 7809 D236Fits certain Ford trucks
ABP 42A 7141 D224Fits certain Ford and GM trucks
ABP 42A D268Fits certain Freightliner and Mack trucks with Rockwell disc brakes
ABP 42A 9007 D1777Wabco Pan 22-1
ABP 42A 8427 D1312Meritor D-Lisa
ABP 42A 7535 D655Fits certain Dodge and Ford trucks
ABP 42A 8435 D1323MERITOR EX225 Caliper H3
ABP 42A 7652 D784Fits certain GM trucks
ABP 42A 8440 D1328Fits certain Ford trucks
ABP 42A 7909 D1006Fits certain Freightliner, Dodge and Mercedes trucks/vans
ABP 42A 7260 D370Fits certain GM trucks

Warranty Information

Alliance products are backed by a 1-year/unlimited-mile standard warranty. Additional warranty coverage may apply
where specified.


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