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Paragon PN DescriptionMax Output PowerCable Connector(s)Max Connector Output CurrentCable LengthAdditional Options
DDE A6803400418EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 16FT60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A16.4'None
DDE A6803400518EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 25FT60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A25'None
DDE A6803400818EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 16FT, CCR60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803400918EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 25FT, CCR60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A25'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803401218EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'None
DDE A6803401318EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'None
DDE A6803401618EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT, CCR120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803401718EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT, CCR120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803402018EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'None
DDE A6803402118EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'None
DDE A6803402418EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT, CCR240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803402518EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT, CCR240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'Credit Card Reader

Product Category - Airpower Lines

1. Product name : Air-Power Line with Plastic Grip

Detailed product description

  • 3/8” ID Rubber Air Hoses SAE J1402 & DOT FMVSS No. 106 Compliant
  • 7-Way Cable, ABS Ready (4/12 – 2/10 - 1/8”) rated to -850F
    1. Meets performance requirements of SAE J2394
  • Spiral Wrap & Stainless-Steel Clamp and hardware for suspending the AirPower Line from a tender kit or pogo stick.
  • Length options: 10’, 12’, 15’

Product Highlights

SAE J1402 rubber air lines – service and emergency, ABS power line (green)

Enclosed in Heavy-duty, beveled edge, spiral wrap

Hanger bracket mounting assembly included for easy suspension

Red and blue grips for easy identification and gladhand connections

Air lines have swivel fittings at tractor end for quick installation

General Product Information

Detailed product description

Over a period of 40+ years, our supplier has become a manufacturer and marketer of air, hydraulic and electrical components and systems for the transportation equipment industry. Our primary market focus includes the heavy truck, trailer and bus industries though our continuous product line expansion has begun to draw us into other mobile equipment markets.

Our primary mission is to supply products that offer maintenance, operating, security and safety solutions to equipment operators and to make these readily available on new equipment and for service needs through an extensive network of professional parts marketers across the continent.

Our active participation in the industry’s major technical specification groups and our commitment to quality and durability assure leading edge product designs and superior performance for demanding market applications. We hold several patents and make it a practice to listen closely to the needs of the end user.

While we’re best known for our innovative tractor-trailer hook-up lines, our supplier offers a wide range of products enabling “one-stop” purchasing. In addition to our own unique items, we provide extensive interchanges to popular market brands and are constantly broadening our product offering and working with supplier partners to provide added convenience to our customers.


Warranty Information

  • 1-year/unlimited-mile standard warranty

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