MGM Brake Chambers

S-Cam Brakes

An Air Brake Actuator is the device that converts compressed air into a mechanical force which activates the brake system.


Air Disc Brakes

These Air Brake Actuators offer the ultimate in dependability and long life service with heavy-gauge formed steel components.


Piston Brakes

The Piston Brake Actuator offers compact design, smaller diameter, shorter height and delivers more parking force output than double diaphragm brakes of similar size.


Electronic Brake Monitoring Systems

These systems help with verifying proper brakes setup and operation, as well as provides continuous real time brake monitoring on any air brake equipped vehicle.

Product Highlights

Patented the first spring parking brakes

First brake with built-in manual release bolt

First to offer flat-bottom NPC

First to offer external breather tube

First to offer steel head service chamber

First to design and patent the tamper resistant brake

First to offer a full line of 3 inch long stroke spring brakes and service chambers

First to offer welded yoke

First to offer a visual stroke alert indicator

First to design and patent the electronic brake monitoring systems for drum and air disc brakes (e-STROKE®)

First to offer Corrosion Fighter® Technology

Top Movers - Brake Chambers

Part NumberBulk PackSizeStrokeTypeYoke
MGM 3230951MGM 3230951X30303.00 inchesDouble DiaphragmWelded Yoke
MGM 1621901202.50 inchesService ChamberWelded Yoke
MGM 3230008MGM 3230008X30303.00 inchesPiggy Back PlusNo Welded Yoke
MGM 3430008MGM 3430008X30302.50 inchesPiggy Back PlusNo Welded Yoke
MGM 3430051MGM 3430051X30302.50 inchesDouble DiaphragmNo Welded Yoke
MGM 3230551MGM 3230551X30303.00 inchesDouble DiaphragmNo Welded Yoke
MGM 3232951MGM 3232951X30303.00 inchesDouble DiaphragmWelded Yoke
MGM 3231951MGM 3231951X30303.00 inchesDouble DiaphragmWelded Yoke
MGM 3436051MGM 3436051X36363.00 inchesDouble DiaphragmNo Welded Yoke
MGM MJS3030ET06530303.00 inchesPistonNo Welded Yoke
MGM 323205130303.00 inchesDouble DiaphragmNo Welded Yoke

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