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Product Highlights

Superior force output performance

World Class diaphragm - superior flexibility even at -40F

Excellent performance over service life

Life Seal+ has improved design to outlast all competitors

LifeSeal+ has fully sealed spring chamber to eliminate corrosion on parking brake

LifeSeal+ is the only truly sealed double-diaphragm spring brake on the market

Top Movers

Part NumberDescription 1Description 2
GC3030LCWLong stroke 3030 with welded clevisDDSB-3030GC-3” Stroke - Welded Clevis
GC3030LLong stroke 3030 DDSB-3030GC-3” Stroke
SC20Type 20 service chamberService Chamber T20 – 2.25” stroke
SC30LCWType 30 Service chamber w/ clevisService Chamber T30 – 3” stroke – Welded Clevis
SC30Type 30 service chamber Service Chamber T30 – 3” stroke
GC3036LCWLong stroke 3036 w/ welded clevisDDSB-3036GC-HD 3” Stroke - Welded Clevis
SC24Type 24 service chamber 2.25" strokeService Chamber T24 2.25” Stroke
GC3030Standard stroke 3030 DDSB-3030GC-2.5” Stroke
SC24XLType 24 long stroke service chamberService Chamber T24 – 3” stroke
SC20LType 20 standard strokeService Chamber T24 – 2.5” stroke

General Product Information

Brake Actuators

Chambers, Cans, Service Chambers


Market leading brake actuators

LifeSeal +

Fully sealed spring chamber

Air Disc Chambers

Chambers specifically for ADB

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