Bendix EnduraSure™

No touch spring and slotted center seal

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Product Highlights

3 Times the power spring life of its competitors

No Touch™ Power spring eliminates coil clash and corrosion

Lightest chamber in its class by 2 lbs

4 year warranty

Top Movers - Bendix Endurasure Brake Chambers

Part NumberModelDescriptionWeight
NT2430ELS-80T24/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)0
NT2430ELS-WCT24/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)8.187
NT2430STD-80T24/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)8.627
NT3030ELS-56T30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)8.664
NT3030ELS-80T30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)8.732
NT3030ELS-80TCT30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)9.072
NT3030ELS-99T30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)8.664
NT3030ELS-KITT30/30Spring Brake Piggyback Kit6.296
NT3030ELS-PIGT30/30Spring Brake Piggyback Asm5.176
NT3030ELS-WCT30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)9.525
NT3030STD-120T30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)8.664
NT3030STD-120TCT30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)8.835
NT3030STD-56T30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)8.959
NT3030STD-56TCT30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)9.208
NT3030STD-78T30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)9
NT3030STD-78TCT30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)8.763
NT3030STD-KITT30/30Spring Brake Piggyback Kit6.44
NT3030STD-PIGT30/30Spring Brake Piggyback Asm5.39
NT3030STD-WCT30/30Spring Brake (S-Cam)8.664

General Product Information

Broken power springs are the #1 reason spring brakes fail and need to be replaced. Our new EnduraSure™ spring brakes are designed to address this issue.

The EnduraSure® Spring Brake Series builds on and replaces the proven Bendix® EverSure® spring brake. The new spring brake series delivers even greater durability and performance in EnduraSure, and now offers fleets a premium, sealed option, the EnduraSure™-Pro.

Warranty Information

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