Bendix Air Disc Brake

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Bendix® ADB22XTM Air Disc Brake Family

Complete ADB offering from the industry leader

Lightweight Splined Disc flat rotor option

  • Floating rotor improves heat dissipation in wheel end and prevents heat cracking

Bendix® ADB22XTM Air Disc Brake

Optimized friction couple (pad and rotor)

  • Optimize torque output / braking performance
  • Superior performance on long downhill grades
  • Balanced wear performance between pad and rotor

Bendix ADB22X-LT™ Trailer Air Disc Brake

Light weight ADB options available

  • Splined Disc Hub/Rotor
  • (40+) Pound weight savings

Benefit: Trailer unique ADB product that addresses needed valuation and TCO benefits for trailer.

Top Movers - Bendix ADB22X and ADB22XLT

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General Product Information

Expanded AM Friction Offering

BX-276 (K129276) | Long Life Pad OEM Genuine

  • ADB22X AM Friction Offering
  • Maximized Braking Performance
  • Premium Wear Properties
  • Resists Rotor Stress Cracking
  • Copper reduced material (up to 2025)
  • Excellent Physical Characteristics and Corrosion resistance
  • Doesn’t void 5-Year Brake Warranty
  • Premium product / Premium Price

BA235 | AM Performance Level ADB Pad

  • Meets FMVSS-121 Brake Performance
  • Acceptable Wear Properties
  • Meets minimum Bendix Rotor Stress Cracking requirements
  • Copper requirement (up to 2021)
  • Acceptable Physical Characteristics and Corrosion resistance
  • Lower Price Point


Warranty Information

Protect your 5-Year Caliper Warranty

Bendix ADB calipers have a one-year warranty. however, by using Bendix branded brake pads in your service replacement, Bendix will honor the ADB caliper to 5-years or 500,000 miles.

See Bendix website for additional details.


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