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Product Highlights

Leading edge air compressor engineering & technology

Genuine Bendix® provides proven quality and value

Expanded All-Makes® air compressor offering

Total Air Guarantee (T.A.G.) air brake system extended warranty

Top Movers - Bendix® Compressors

Paragon PN DescriptionMax Output PowerCable Connector(s)Max Connector Output CurrentCable LengthAdditional Options
DDE A6803400418EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 16FT60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A16.4'None
DDE A6803400518EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 25FT60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A25'None
DDE A6803400818EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 16FT, CCR60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803400918EFILL 60KW AIO, 1CCS1 200A 25FT, CCR60 kWSingle (1) CCS-1200A25'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803401218EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'None
DDE A6803401318EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'None
DDE A6803401618EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT, CCR120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803401718EFILL 120KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT, CCR120 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803402018EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'None
DDE A6803402118EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'None
DDE A6803402418EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 16FT, CCR240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A16.4'Credit Card Reader
DDE A6803402518EFILL 240KW AIO, 2CCS1 300A 25FT, CCR240 kWDual (2) CCS-1300A25'Credit Card Reader

General Product Information

Leading Edge Technology

Industry Standard BA-921® & BA-922®

  • Maximum air output: 16 & 32 CFM
  • Highest air delivery efficiencies
  • Energy saving system piston technology
  • Available for a wide range of engine platforms

New Fuel Efficient-921™ Compressors (2016)

  • New light-weight aluminum crankcase
  • Water-cooled head and cylinder jacket
  • Ultra-efficient unloading valves

Genuine Bendix®

  • Always new rings, seal, gaskets, springs, and washers installed
  • Genuine OE high quality parts
  • Exact machining spec’s and honing finishes
  • Stringent test standards and quality criteria
  • Upgraded to the latest OE performance specifications

Expanded “All-Engine” Solutions

BA-922® SAE Universal Mount

  • Based on proven Bendix technology
  • Large 32 CFM output
  • Universal SAE B or C mounting pads


  • Based on proven Bendix BA-921® technology
  • 16 CFM air output
  • Designed for ‘07-’10 Volvo style Engines or  ‘06-’09 MACK style engines

Warranty Information

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