Detroit Reman ABS ECU4

General Product Information

Assured Quality Standards: Rigorous inspection of every component after complete disassembly and cleaning. Ambient & hot tested to validate performance in simulated operating temperatures.

Industry Leading: Original components or validated equivalents for cab and frame mounted models are used in the reassembly process. Industry leading processes establish customer confidence in product quality and

Nationwide Availability: Proudly remanufactured in the USA and available at over 800 locations.

Warranty: We stand behind our product with 1-year / unlimited miles.

Cost of Ownership: A Reman option provides an economical choice while maintaining the same standards and functionality as Genuine.

Comprehensive Testing: Functionally tested with the latest software and reset to original defaults. Voltage-tested to ensure proper readings at both elevated and reduced voltage levels. Internal drivers are load-tested to ensure they are functioning at full power. Sensor inputs are tested and driven through all
operating ranges.

Cross References: Reman part numbers cross referenced below to the Genuine part numbers for ordering ease and accuracy.


DDR 400 860 000 0R      WAB 400 860 000 0     REMAN PABS ECU E4F 12V
DDR 400 864 009 0R      WAB 400 864 009 0     REMAN PABS ECU E4C 12V 4S4M PLC W/ ATC O
DDR S400 864 011 0R    TDA S400 864 011 0C  REMAN PABS-ECU E4C 12V 4S4M
DDR S400 864 088 0R    TDA S400 864 088 0C   REMAN PABS -ECU E4C 12V 4S4M
DDR 400 864 522 0R      WAB 400 864 522 0      REMAN PABS -ECU E4C 12V 4S4M PLC
DDR 400 864 701 0R      WAB 400 864 701 0      REMAN PABS ECU,4S/4M,HSA,ATC,4.6
DDR 400 865 043 0R      WAB 400 865 043 0      REMAN PABS -ECU E4C 12V
DDR 400 865 301 0R      WAB 400 865 301 0      REMAN PABS ECU,4S/4M,HSA,RSC,4.6


Warranty Information

Warranty: We stand behind our product with 1-year / unlimited miles.

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