PEAK Wiper Blades

Offering a full-line of commercial heavy duty and winter wiper blades

Product Highlights

Blue™ Heavy Duty Wiper Blades

  • Aggressive cleaning ridges to remove dirt and grime
  • Heavy-duty steel frame for robust performance
  • Graphite coated synthetic rubber for a smooth, quiet wipe
  • Frame features riveted joints with polymer hinge pads to ensure durability
  • Universal adapter system for quick, easy installation
  • Full line of wiper blades from 12” – 28” for complete coverage

Snow Beast Wiper Blade

  • Beam Blade technology
  • High profile wiping element for superior snow and ice clearing ability
  • Innovative connector system for simple, easy installation
  • Singular spoiler design that resists the buildup of snow and ice on the wiper blade

Optix Beam Wiper Blade

  • Flat/beam Blade technology
  • Frameless technology prevents ice and snow buildup
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Advanced rubber formulation for a smooth, cleaner wipe

Hybrid Wiper Blade

  • Heavy-Duty Protective Cover combats wind-lift, ice, and snow
  • Aerodynamic Hybrid Design for factory like replacement
  • State-of-the–Art Hinge System for complete pressure on the windshield
  • Premium Rubber with Graphite Coating for a smooth wipe
  • All-Inclusive Adapter System

Max-Vision Wiper Blade

  • All-steel frame for rugged durability
  • Advanced rubber formulation for a smooth, cleaner wipe
  • Look and performance of factory installed wiper blade
  • Quick and easy installation (No adapters needed)

All Season Wiper Blade

  • Steel frame construction
  • Blended rubber for smooth wipe
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Full Line of wiper blades from 12″ to 28″

Arctic Winter Wiper Blade

  • Rugged steel frame construction will not twist, warp or crack
  • Fully enclosed wiper keeps out ice, sleet and snow
  • Extra-large rubber wiper covers more surface area
  • Resalable packaging in single packs
  • Blade lengths range from 16″ to 28″
  • Quick and easy installation

Top Movers - PEAK Wiper Blades

Part NumberProduct DescriptionSize
OWI BHD221PEAK Blue Heavy Duty Wiper Blade 22" Blade
OWI BHD241PEAK Blue Heavy Duty Wiper Blade 24" Blade
OWI MXV221PEAK Max Vision Wiper Blade22" Blade
OWI MXV241PEAK Max Vision Wiper Blade24" Blade
OWI PHV221PEAK Hybrid Wiper Blade22" Blade
OWI PHV241PEAK Hybrid Wiper Blade24" Blade
OWI A1V221PEAK Arctic Winter Blade22" Blade
OWI A1V241PEAK Arctic Winter Blade24" Blade
OWI SB221PEAK Snow Beast Blade22" Blade
OWI SB241PEAK Snow Beast Blade24" Blade

Warranty Information

6 months from date sold to dealer/distributor customer

Last updated: Tuesday, 31 March 2020 05:55 PM

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