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Eligible Part Numbers

  • DHT FR3A
  • DHT FR5Q
  • DHT CUS283P
  • DHT KE13K
  • DHT PE20F
  • DHT WS35J
  • DHT IH6D
  • DHT FR3J
  • DHT VG30S
  • DHT KE12D
  • DHT MIT85D
  • DHT MA18L
  • DHT FR5X
  • DHT PE20BA
  • DHT VG30A
  • DHT MA14E
  • DHT WS35C
  • DHT VG30P
  • DHT FO26A
  • DHT PE21A
  • DHT FR3H
  • DHT PRE185J
  • DHT FR5O
  • DHT PRE185B
  • DHT FR3F
  • DHT PI370B
  • DHT MA18M
  • DHT PE20K
  • DHT KE13J
  • DHT MA18Y
  • DHT ALF385B
  • DHT KE12BA
  • DHT PRE185G
  • DHT VG30T
  • DHT FR5S
  • DHT FR3G
  • DHT FR2C
  • DHT PRE185K
  • DHT CUS282P
  • DHT KE13D
  • DHT VG30LS
  • DHT OT360A
  • DHT PRE185E
  • DHT FR3C
  • DHT FR2C
  • DHT VG30M
  • DHT KE13C
  • DHT MCI81F
  • DHT PRE185H
  • DHT IH6K
  • DHT FO25F
  • DHT WS35E
  • DHT VG30C
  • DHT BH35E
  • DHT SET110F
  • DHT PE20L
  • DHT FR3D
  • DHT FR1C
  • DHT PE23B
  • DHT MA15B
  • DHT FR5D
  • DHT FR3D
  • DHT VG30E
  • DHT FR5Z
  • DHT KE10B
  • DHT WS35E
  • DHT IH9B
  • DHT FR5V
  • DHT VAN330C

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Dura-Lite EVOLUTION Charge Air Cooler

Durable charge air cooler with 7 Year - Million Mile Warranty

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Evolution Charge Air Coolers

Product Highlights

Flexible tube to header joint

OEM and other aftermarket coolers often crack at the rigid tube to header joint. Dura-Lite has replaced the rigid joint with a flexible high temperature silicone seal.
This provides a long, leak free life.

Continuous, consistent fuel economy

Engineered for performance, economy, and durability (longevity).
EPA certified (where requred).

Thoroughly tested

Dyno tested to assure the highest performance.
Each cooler is tested under water to assure it is leak free before leaving the factory.

Tanks are reinforced to reduce premature failures

Superior quality and warranty to reduce downtime.

Top Movers - Evolution Charge Air Coolers

Part numberDescriptionMakeModelApplication
DHT FR2CCharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY)FreightlinerFLD120/Classic XL1995-2006
DHT WS35ECharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY) NWestern Star4900/4900FA2001-2007
DHT FR3DCharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY) NFreightlinerColumbia/Century2002-2007
DHT FR5QCharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY) NFreightlinerCentury/Columbia1996-2003
DHT WS35JCharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY) NFreightlinerCoronado2008-2013
DHT FR3JCharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY) NFreightlinerCascadia/M22010-2014
DHT PE20BACharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY) NPeterbuilt379/3781995-2008
DHT WS35CCharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY) NWestern Star4964/4964EX1994-2004
DHT KE12BACharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY) NKenworthT800/T6001995-2007
DHT FR5QSCharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY) NFreightlinerClassic/Columbia2003-2008
DHT FR3FCharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY) NFreightlinerCascadia/Columbia2008-2014
DHT FR3HCharge Air Cooler (7 YR WTY) NFreightliner4900/Coronado2008-2013
DHT TESTKITCharge Air Cooler Test Kit   

Dura-Lite: Committed to Quality

From day one, Dura-Lite™ has been committed to solving the Charge Air Cooler durability problems vehicle owner/ operators face. When Dura-Lite™ started on this project, we knew that we had to engineer a Charge Air Cooler that met the required OE engine performance specifications. We also knew we had to produce a Charge Air Cooler which would last - not for months or a couple of years, but for many years! This commitment to Quality and Excellence placed Dura-Lite™ in a unique position. While other Charge Air Cooler manufacturers were attempting to improve upon the typical Charge Air Cooler thermal fatigue failure (OE design), Dura-Lite™ took another approach. 

Dura-Lite™ engineered a Charge Air Cooler incorporating our Patented Silicone Grommet Tube-to-Header Seal System in place of the traditional brazed/ welded tube to header joint. The silicone grommets allow for free thermal expansion while maintaining a leak free seal. This free thermal expansion eliminates the stress and premature failures associated with a restrained brazed/ welded tube to header joint. Strain tests, thermal cycle tests, dynamometer tests, durability tests at elevated temperatures, and field tests were conducted. Dura-Lite™ coolers produced outstanding results and confirmed that our engineers had, indeed, found the solution to eliminating premature Charge Air Cooler failure.

Warranty Information

  • 7 Year Million Mile Warranty
  • North American Warranty Coverage
  • Less than 1% warranty return

Warranty Form

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