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The comprehensive WABCO ABS/Stability portfolio offers your customers the best-quality air system products to match the life-cycle stage of their vehicle. From WABCO Genuine and products, our portfolio delivers the right products to help your customers get exactly what they need.

PB19028 WABCO Aftermarket

Product Highlights

WABCO modulator valves are designed to be serviced separately, reducing parts, labor and vehicle downtime costs.

Modulator valve packages provide an alternative to individual modulator valves, eliminating possible leak points in the vehicle's air system.

The Bench Programming Unit allows the user to program the ECU without the vehicle present.

ABS Stability

Part NumberDescriptionAdditional Information
4410309102ABS Sensor Kit6.6' length, 90deg sensor
4410309072ABS Sensor Kit1.31' length, 90deg sensor
4008509600Tractor ECU Bench Programming Unit 
4725000072ABS Relay Valve Kitreplaces 973 011 028 0
4725001230ABS Rear Valve PackageIncludes 2 modulator valves, relay valve
4725002230ABS/ATC Rear Valve PackageIncludes 2 modulator valves, relay valve, ATC valve
4721950780ABS Modulator Valve12V
4721950790ABS Modulator Valve12V
4008600000CProgrammable Tractor ECUFrame Mount
4008640090CProgrammable Tractor ECUCab Mount

General Portfolio Information


General Portfolio Information 

Meritor maintains the most comprehensive ABS portfolio in the market, designed to cover a wide variety of applications and vehicle vocations.


Warranty Information

Standard WABCO Aftermarket Warranty.

We warrant all new parts for one year from date of shipment to the buyer against defective material or workmanship (but not against damage caused by accident, abuse or improper installation, maintenance or repair) when such parts are used on vehicles the specifications of which have been approved by our Engineering Department.


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