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Air Conditioning Compressor Program

Alliance introduces Reciprocating, swash plate, wobble plate, variable, and air brake compressor designs.

The Alliance A/C Compressor Program is updated to provide the DTNA Dealer Network:

  • Complete All-Makes offering from a single source
  • Improved Product Availability (PDC & DS)
  • A better product performance at a lower cost
  • Responsive product and program support
  • Competitively positioned program to ensure network competition with national and local HVAC distributors.

Product Highlights - Wobble Plate Sanden Style Compressor

The industry standard for heavy-duty truck and construction vehicles.

Advanced design features provide longer compressor life.

Superior design provides operations at low oil circulation rates, providing exceptional performance and durability.

Clutch is designed with more contact area, resulting in higher torque and reduced wear.

More robust ball and socket connection.

Longer shaft bearing improves seal life and compressor longevity.

Product Specs - Wobble Plate Sanden Style Compressor

No. of Cylinders7
Weight7.2 KG
Max RPM7000 RPM
Oil TypePAG
Oil Amount180cc
Power Consumption49W
Voltage12/24 VDC
OptionsWide variety of clutches and cylinder heads
Mount TypeEar and Direct Mount Options

Product Highlights - Swash Plate Denso Style Compressor

Superior NVH characteristics – less noise, vibration and harshness by design.

Dual-valve plate construction provides smooth compression and high efficiency.

Direct-mount, ear-mount and custom-designed compressor bodies.

Product Specs - Swash Plate Denso Style Compressors

Number of Cylinders10
Clutch8 Groove / 140mm
DTNA Part NumberABP N83 2020 22530
Freightliner Part Number22-65770-000

Product Highlights - 2-Cylinder York Style Compressor

Three phase lubrication system for a more efficient product.

Large oil sump allows the compressor to be self-lubricating regardless of the amount of oil mixed with refrigerant.

High-strength-aluminum alloy pistons and connecting rods.

Internal case iron cylinder liners for added durability.

Stainless steel reed valves prevent rust formation and reed failure and reduce effects of liquid slugging.

Universal mounting allows installation and operation in any position from horizontal left to horizontal right with no field adjustments necessary.

Universal rotation.

One oil plug permits easy checking of crank-case oil level regardless of mounting position.

Product Specs - 2-Cylinder York Style Compressors

No. of Cylinders222
Bore, in. (mm)1.875 (47.63)1.875 (47.63)1.875 (47.63)
Stroke, in. (mm)1.105 (28.07)1.573 (39.95)1.866 (47.40)
Disp., cu. in./rev. (cc/rev)6.10 (100)8.69 (142)10.3 (169)
R.P.M. – Max.600060006000
RefrigerantR-12, 22, 502, 134a & new blendsR-12, 22, 502, 134a & new blendsR-12, 22, 502, 134a & new blends
Initial Oil Charge, fl. oz. (ml)10 (296)10 (296)10 (296)
Weight, lbs. (kg)14.6 (6.6)14.6 (6.6)14.6 (6.6)
LubricationSplash and Positive Pressure and Oil Return Through Suction Side  

Top Movers - Alliance AC Compressors

ABP N83 2020 2103122-65771-000COMP DENSO 10S15C 163MM PV8 12V
ABP N83 2020 2249622-65771-001COMP DENSO 10S15C PV8 163mm 12V
ABP N83 2020 2253022-65770-001COMP DENSO 10S15C PV8 140mm 12V
ABP N83 2025 04075SD7H15-4417SCOMP SANDEN SD7H15SHD PV8 12V 119mm DIRECT MT GH HEAD
ABP N83 2025 04485SD7H15-4417COMP SANDEN SD7H15 PV8 119mm DIRECT MOUNT 12V GH HEAD
ABP N83 2025 04776SD7H15-4421SCOMP SANDEN SD7H15 4776/4482 PV8 119MM MDA HD
ABP N83 2025 04819SD7H15-4430COMP SANDEN SD7H15 PV6 125mm DIRECT MOUNT 12V GH HEAD
ABP N83 2040 10330CFCET210L25150COMP YORK ET210L W/O CLUTCH
ABP N83 2040 10386CFCES210L25338CCOMP YORK ES210L SLIMLINE PV8 155MM 12V
ABP N83 2040 21002CFCET210L25073CCOMP YORK ET210L W/CLUTCH 1WIRE 2 GRV 6in 12V
ABP N83 2040 21006CFCET210L 25237CCOMP YORK ET210L W/CLUTCH 2WIRE 2A 6in 12V
ABP N83 2040 21007CFCET210L25240CCOMP YORK ET210L W/CLUTCH 2WIRE PV6 148MM 12V
ABP N83 2040 21009CFCET210L25246CCOMP YORK ET210L W/CLUTCH 2WIRE PV8 155MM 12V
ABP N83 2240 11289CFC02425247CLUTCH YORK PV8 155MM 12V 2WIRE
ABP N83 2240 11295CFC02425238CLUTCH YORK 2A 152MM W/2 WIRE COIL

General Product Information

Detailed product description

  • Value priced, high quality alternative.
  • Backed by the Alliance Brand.
  • Complete all-makes program for drop-in replacement.
  • Proven performance and quality.

Warranty Information

A limited one-year warranty


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