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Alliance HVAC Condensers

Product Features and Benefits


  • Manufactured to strict ISO/TS 16949 OE quality standards
  • Zinc coated tubes to combat salt corrosion
  • High efficiency welded tubes provide greater strength and reliability
  • All brackets and fittings made with virgin aluminum to provide maximum strength in brazing bond
  • Folded fin edge design provides increased stability and heat disbursement properties
  • Original equipment reliability, performance, and fit
  • Alliance Condensers are backed by a 1-year / unlimited mile warranty
  • Available at DTNA PDC Network in USA and Canada


  • Alliance Condensers are engineered for optimal performance and longevity
  • Parallel flow core design maximizes cooling efficiency
  • 100% of Alliance Condensers are pressure-tested with helium to ensure leak-free parts out of the box
  • Tube and fin construction yields maximum heat transfer and performance during pressure drop
  • ISO 14001 compliant manufacturing plant (environmental management system)
  • Great selection of fast moving part numbers
  • All parts are individually serialized with manufacturing batch code information
  • Packaged with pre-formed high-density foam inserts for maximum protection









Top Movers

Alliance Part NumberDescriptionCross 1Cross 2Cross 3
ABP N83 32 0973CONDENSER CASCADIA08-16 PFLOW 33.17X22.3A22-72460-000A22-72459-000ABP N83 306033
ABP N83 32 0863CONDENSER CENTURY M2 03-07 PFLOW 32X18MOD 1E6068  
ABP N83 32 2010CONDENSER BUS.CLASS M2 08-10 PFLOW27.9X2A22-72462-000  
ABP N83 32 0871CONDENSER FLT VARIOUS 97-02/07PFLOW28X9.BHT P5631001  
ABP N83 32 0956CONDENSER BUS.CLASS M2 03-07 PFLOW24X16.22-32466-001  
ABP N83 32 0964CONDENSER COLUMBIA 07-08 PFLOW 33.69X18.A22-72459-002  
ABP N83 32 2036CONDENSER CORONADO 04-13 PFLOW 34X18.8MOD 1S12193WWS RD-4-5273-0 
ABP N83 32 0981CONDENSER COLUMBIA 10-11 PFLOW 33.69X18.22-42084-002  
ABP N83 32 0949CONDENSER FTL FL60 94-06 PFLOW25.8X20VAL 1210364  
ABP N83 32 0961CONDENSER 108SD 114SD M2 12-13PFLO33.8X1A22-72459-001ABP N83 306032 
ABP N83 32 2042CONDENSER STERLING 96-06 TUBE&FIN 34.38XA22-72461-000  
ABP N83 32 0979CONDENSER STERLINGACTERRA04-06PFLOW26X20A 680 830 03 70  
ABP N83 32 2009CONDENSER FLA CABOVER96-02PFLOW28.1X17.9BHT 87164  
ABP N83 32 2041CONDENSER WTR 4900 6900 05-07PFLOW38.5X1BHT E4698  
ABP N83 32 2031CONDENSER STRACTERRA 03-05PFLOW26X24.20.22-39302-001  
ABP N83 32 0987CONDENSER COLUMBIA 12.0L 01-03 TUBE & FIN 29.38” X 20”22-43941-000  
ABP N83 32 2012CONDENSER FREIGHTLINER CASCADIA 113 L6 12.8L 10-12 PARALLEL FLOW 33.88” X 22.69”A22-72460-001  

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