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DPFs - Diesel Particulate Filters

Detroit 1-Box Aftertreatment Systems | DD13 & DD15 Engines

Detroit Reman’s proprietary Liquid Cleaning Process is proven to consistently remove 95% or more
of accumulated ash. All Detroit Reman DPFs last the original service interval specified for your vehicle without compromising on performance. The exchange program ensures DPFs are ready to install and are kitted with the necessary clamps & gaskets.

Product Highlights

Full Service Interval

Detroit Reman DPFs last for 300,000 - 500,000 miles prior to hitting the next cleaning interval contrary to less effective alternatives, which typically recommend another cleaning after only 100,000 miles.

Clamps & Gaskets Included

Everything you need is included without hidden costs.

Fast Service

DPFs are readily available for installation, no waiting for cleaning in the shop. 

Quality Assurance & Consistency

Detroit Reman’s standardized Liquid Cleaning Process with trained operators ensures a minimum of 95% of ash is consistently removed, and OEM performance is maintained.

Nationwide Availability Including California

Over 800 authorized locations including California providing unmatched nationwide availability, and supporting our commitment to quality and performance for Detroit customers. This program is especially attractive for fleets looking to reduce shipping & handling cost associated with DPF Maintenance alternatives.

Top Movers - 1-Box DPF Kits

Reman DPF KitNew DPF KitDPFClampGasketExhaust SystemEngineDisplacementEmissions Level
DDE RA0014907692DDE EA0014907692DDE EA6804914194DDE A6809950302DDE A68049104801-BoxDD13, DD1512.8L, 14.8LGHG17
DDE RA0014903492DDE EA0014903492DDE EA6804913494DDE A6809950302DDE A68049104801-BoxDD13, DD1512.8L, 14.8LEPA10, GHG14
DDE RA0004903792DDE EA0004903792DDE EA6804910894DDE A6809950302DDE A68049104801-BoxDD13, DD1512.8L, 14.8LEPA10, GHG14
DDE RA0014903592DDE EA0014903592DDE EA6804913594DDE A6809950302DDE A68049104801-BoxDD13, DD1512.8L, 14.8LEPA10, GHG14
DDE RA0004903692DDE EA0004903692DDE EA6804910494DDE A6809950302DDE A68049104801-BoxDD13, DD1512.8L, 14.8LEPA10

General Product Information

Remanufactured Detroit® Genuine Parts provide a cost-effective alternative to new parts with the same performance, durability and reliability. Detroit® Reman offers a continually expanding product portfolio, including engines, transmissions, turbochargers, axles and cylinder heads as well as electronics, aftertreatment systems and fuel systems products. 

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Warranty Information

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1 Year / Unlimited Miles


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