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High quality chemical products to help maintain the vehicle performance and longevity, covering multiple commercial chemical products for popular direct OES applications DTNA and All-Makes




Program Information

Program includes 5 key groups:

     1. Brake Cleaners

     2. Functional Fluids

     3. Maintenance Products

     4. Industrial Aerosols

     5. Winter Products

1. Brake Cleaners

Alliance Brake Cleaners quickly and effectively dissolves and removes grease, oil, brake fluid, and other contaminants from brakes, C.V. joints and clutch components. Superior cleaning power extends beyond brakes. Cleans and degreases brakes, rotors, drums, pads, shoes, wheel cylinders and parts. Help stop brake squeaking and can improve braking performance. Leaves no residue.

The ALLIANCE Brake Cleaners are available in High VOC, Low VOC, Non-Chlorinated and Chlorinated applications.  

2. Functional Fluids

  1. Clean injectors to improve fuel economy
  2. Enhance lubricity to prevent excessive wear
  3. Prevent corrosion to protect engine components
  4. ULSD compliant & Biodiesel compatible

One bottle treats 250 gallons. One bottle one truck. 

3. Maintenance Products

Alliance Foaming degreaser expands underneath and between engine components to remove unwanted road grime from your engine.

  • Expands Into Tight Areas
  • Removes heavy Dirt & Road Grime
  • Clings to Vertical Surfaces
  • Rinses Clean with Water

Alliance Cooling System Cleaner is specially formulated to remove oil, hydraulic and transmission fluid from heavy duty cooling systems. It disperses dropout, and helps remove silicate gel, scale, build-up and other deposits. Requires less flushing than other cleaners, Penray RTO Cooling System Cleaner will not harm seals and metals.

Alliance Multi-Purpose Degreasing Wipes are solvent-free, waterless cleaners that cut through the toughest grease, oil, tar, dirt, wax, ink, wet paint, lubricants, adhesive and scuffs. They are extremely versatile, and can be used for nearly any job, from cleaning tools, to wiping hands, to cleaning machinery. They can safely be used on many surfaces such as leather, vinyl, wood, metal, porcelain, counter tops, tile and walls. ALLIANCE Mult-Purpose Degreasing Wipes are also great for automotive, marine, RV and general home use.

These wipes are industrial strength, yet gentle on skin – fortified with an emollient, they won’t crack or dry hands. Will not remove nail polish or car paint. The textured side of the fabric won’t scratch surfaces and is ideal for scrubbing tough soils, while the smooth side wipes surfaces clean. The formula won’t leave behind a residue, dries on its own, and leaves a pleasant citrus scent.

4. Industrial Aerosols

Alliance Battery Cleaner

  • Neutralizes acid and removes corrosion for maximum current flow
  • Helps produce positive electrical contact
  • Spray on, wipe off
  • Can be used on all types of batteries, cables, terminals, and anything subject to acid corrosion
  • After cleaning use ALLIANCE Battery Protector ABP N53 7011 to prevent future build-up and corrosion

5. Winter Products

Alliance Winter Fuel additive prevents ice crystal formation. Reduces cold filter plug point b as much as 30ºF. Helps enhance cetane. Helps improve fuel economy. Utilizes HAFI® technology. Improves cold weather starting. Stabilizes and prevents corrosion. Helps reduce emissions. Helps improve lubricity.

  • Utilizes HAFI®, a hybrid polymer technology to:
    • Prevent fuel gelling
    • Prevent wax crystal formation
  • Reduces cold filter plug point by as much as 30ºF
  • Contains cetane and restores fuel economy
  • Helps improve lubricity and prevent corrosion
  • Prevents ice crystal formation
  • ULSD compliant & Biodiesel compatible

Alliance Starting Fluid

  • Premium Starting Fluid designed for diesel engines
  • Produces quick, smooth starting of engines down to -70ºF
  • Works under extreme cold conditions
  • Contains upper cylinder lubricant and corrosion inhibitors
  • Saves battery and ignition during cold weather














Top Movers - (Insert Product Name)

Alliance PNProductDescription
ABP N53 006914Oz Nonchlorinated Brakecleaner 10% Voc50 State Compliant Low VOC
ABP N53 202032Winter-Antigel Fuel AdditiveWinter Fuel Cold Flow Improver
ABP N53 3912Power Steering FluidPower Steering Fluid Protects Against Oxidation & Sludge
ABP N53 4516Pr3 Wrench-Eze Penetrating OilLubricant that frees rusted and difficult to remove parts
ABP N53 4520High Voc Non-Chlorinated Brake CleanerSuperior Cleaning and Fast Drying High VOC
ABP N53 462014Oz Nonchlorinated Brakecleaner 45% VocSuperior Cleaning Meduim VOC
ABP N53 531511Oz Premium Starting Fluid High Ether Content Starting Fluid
ABP N53 6432Syntethic Dot 4 32Oz Brake FluidSynthetic Brake Fluid for High Temperature Applications
ABP N53 8415119Oz Foaming Glass Cleaner Superior Foaming Glass Cleaner Aerosol
ABP N53 9170Multi-Purpose Degreasing WipesDegreasing Wipes Tough on Grease & Grime

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