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Product Highlights

Extremely durable even at low temperatures

Great value in advertising and image

No tooling charges for custom imprints

Permanent hot stamped logo and colors

3 Splash Guard styles to choose from

  • 3/16 in Standard
  • 3/8 in Heavy-Duty Rain Check
  • 1/4 in Econo Anti-Spray

Top Movers - Mud Flaps

Item NumberDescriptionAttributeAttribute2
PYJ 24X30PBMUD FLAP STD 3/1624 X 30Plain Black
PYJ 24X24PBMUD FLAP 3/1624 x 24Plain Black
PYJ 24X30SCIRG 1RAIN GUARD 3/824 x 30Custom 1 Color
PYJ 24X30PWMUD FLAP STD 3/1624 x 30Plain White
PYJ 24X30FLMUDFLAP, STD 3/1624 x 30White w/Freightliner logo
PYJ 24X30SCI3BMUDFLAP W/3 COLOR LOGO24 x 30Custom 3 Color
PYJ 24X30FLBMUDFLAP, STD 3/1624 x 30Freightliner logo
PYJ 24X24RFLDMUDFLAP BLK RBR A/S 1/424 x 24AntiSpray Black w/Freightliner
PYJ 24X30AFMUD FLAP STD 3/1624 x 30USA
PYJ 24X30RFLDMUD FLAPBLK RBR A/S 1/424 x 30AntiSpray Black w/FTL

General Product Information

Vertically Integrated

Viking is a full service company unlike any other mud flap manufacturer in the world. We extrude our own polyethylene plastic material to better serve you, the customer. Our in-house art department can assist and provide you with quality graphic logo dies for imprinting your mud flaps to ensure you the quickest turn around time.



Warranty Information

Flaps are guaranteed free from breakage under normal conditions for one year after purchase.  Flap must be submitted to Viking for ana

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